Ama Bakayoko could leave Walsall

Just read this in today E&S have these clubs watched him play I would defo sell if we could get money for him LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl: Clubs from aboard who is it PSG OR REAL MADRID :wink:

But the Express & Star understands a host of clubs are monitoring the 22-year-old who is believed to be open to a move away.
And while Walsall are in no rush to sell, they will listen to sensible offers for the forward.

It is understood a number of Championship clubs have an expressed an interest in Bakayoko in a move that would see him loaned out next season.
Clubs in League One - including Accrington Stanley – as well as teams in League Two have also registered an interest in the player.
There has also been interest in the striker from abroad with a host of talent spotters believing he is a player that can be developed.

Hope this is true

Until Whitney he was a real prospect. If we can look at Andy Cook and say he’s the answer, then there’s no reason to write Bakayoko off after his time under Whitney and ignore his improvement prior. Whitney happened at the wrong time for Baka. I wish him all the best if he goes.

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Reminds me of the Ricketts scenario. 14 goals in 76 appearances, we snapped Bolton’s hand off when they bid. Went on to play for England! Amadou only 9 goals in 93 appearances (according to wiki), if Bolton want him as well I’d snap their whole arm off.

I think I would give him another season under new management but if anybody is willing to pay a fee then I might be persuaded to let him go.

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Hasn’t April gone? :see_no_evil:


Whitney ruined him but I think Keates COULD get something productive out of him. I wouldn’t loan him out but I’d accept any bid over 100k.

I’d drive him there myself. Couldn’t finish a dump.

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Give him a season or even 6 months to prove himself. There is a decent player in there but he has either been mismanaged or hasn’t the attitude to better himself. Failing that, he has had enough opportunities to prove himself now so it’s make or break!


If he leaves, it’s difficult to tell if he will end up being a Butler or a Bowerman. As @Blackpool88 says, we need to give him 6 months working under Keates in a 4-4-2.


He did show promise before Whitney trained him although had poor season maybe Keats can bring that promise back.
Would not send him out on loan but like all our players if the price was good enough sell him.
I still expect him to be here next season.

I say let him go for a fee with a sell-on clause of course, and get another experienced striker in with the fee and wages saved,and who can hopefully form a partnership Andy Cook.

Lots of folk would be pleased to let him go, those who witnessed his performance at Fleetwood even more so. He shrugged his shoulders and gave up, had to be subbed to save the lad further embarrassment from the barracking he was quite rightly been given by disgruntled fans.
Wish him well if he leaves, whoever takes him on has a great deal of coaching to do if they think he has what it takes, he certainly and obviously didn’t want to, or try to, play for Walsall! Striker he ain’t, best of luck to the lad.

If he leaves, it’s difficult to tell if he will end up being a Butler or a Bowerman. As @Blackpool88 says, we need to give him 6 months working under Keates in a 4-4-2.

Or even a Deeney?

He certainly needs a lot of “development” and he is nearly 23 - he’s not 18. His touch is poor, his strike rate is woeful and for a big man he is useless in the air and he gets pushed off the ball too much. If we could get anything over £100k then it would be a steal. We could then invest this in a decent striker

He has certainly been inconsistent, but he does have potential … just play back the video of George Dobson’s massively valuable goal against Northampton Town, and see what Bakayoko did in the build-up. He controlled a 40-yard pass despite having a couple of defenders within spitting distance, and then produced a slide-rule pass to Dobson (and where Dobson found the legs to cover that ground after 92 minutes heaven only knows!).


I would give him another season - i think he may do well as part of a two up front - he is not good enough to play the lone striker role. My only concern would be that if he does do well, he would end up walking away for a better deal elsewhere next year on the back of it with no benefits for the club.

Apart from being big he has no attributes , no pace , cant head , cant finish doesn’t hold the ball up well enough…

I cant believe for one moment that this story is true.

I agree we should give him another season under a proper coach. A 442 might well suit him as well.
That having been said, a serious money bid (500K plus - I know, I know) and we may as well take it.

500K? I’d take 500 pence.