Andy Williams signs

How you feels Walsall fans?


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Unimpressed. “Wahhhhhh stop being negative” thought I’d post the predictable response to an honest opinion.

He had better be 3rd choice or someone is taking the piss.

At last, we see the Yankee dollar filtering through in to our signings

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Where do I begin ?

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Only heard of Andy Williams the singer. Hope he stays fit as he is 35.

American owners, biggest budget, promise of yet another promotion push. Re release season tickets on a wave of excitement
Signs the leagues oldest cb and an old man striker who has hardly scored in recent years


Thought he had retired a while back :man_shrugging:t3:

I’d probably have used different words to “snap up” to be honest maybe he’ll be back up to teach a younger striker the ropes?

I love the start of the transfer window.
You could say it’s the most wonderful time of the year.


Kinda get it. An experienced head to bring on with recent good experience -I think if we get in two proper decent forwards and Williams is 3/4th choice then I think it’s ok.

That’s a big if though…


Almost there. We’re almost there.


Can I just add all walsalls recent signings of ‘experienced players ‘ have been a load of crock.
Ward , Guthrie , Liddle, Sinclair labadie
There’s a reason these guys get released and stop performing
Joke club yet again

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Trivela out

I can’t imagine he’s been brought in 3rd or 4th string to be honest. Paying an experienced striker from the level above won’t be cheap surely? Reckon it will be him, a young punt, and a loan.

And a voodoo doctor for Wilkinson.

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Problem is this is smallsall so he will be first choice… kiernan and williams up front… fxcking league 2 defenders probably shxxtting themselves… ffs you couldnt make it up… for everyone that thinks we will sign norwood or telfor give your head a wobble


Surely will be used as back up, 70th minute sub.
An old head up top his sometimes needed, he’ll help those around him.
In MF I trust.


Walsall fans: “We need an experienced centre forward that can hold up the ball”

Signs a experienced centre forward that can hold up the ball

Walsall fans: “Noooo not that experienced centre forward that can hold up the ball”