Another one walks

No, she’s a bliMP!


Derisible, more like!

I’d be appalled if we sold Kinsella. I’m hoping it is just the usual unfounded rumour, but it seems to have a lot of traction.

Whilst I’ve never been sure he has the quality to steer us out of the division in the right direction, I’m absolutely convinced he has the desire, heart and attitude to ensure we don’t slip out of it in the wrong direction. An eventuality that seems to be becoming more and more of a “when” and not “if”.

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Worrying indeed

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That’s pretty much where I am.

Anyone is replaceable… the problem for me is we don’t replace them. Or replace them with tripe.


I’ve been having a look at a couple of Ipswich forums, I couldn’t find anything obvious about Kinsella until there was a post on one about 20 minutes ago saying something like “bit of a rumour starting about a Walsall player, Liam Kinsella.”

Wonder who she’s referring to out of Taylor, Fullerton, and Pomlett?