Anyone got Bonser's number?

Nothing’s changed, may as well still have Bonser in control. No increase in crowds, same a rubbish football, and poor management. Is Bonser’s exit the beginning of our demise…? As it looks that way currently!

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Really? Really?

It’s this bad because of Bonser.


Seriously? Same rubbish football? The football is far worse but I take your point.

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Watching walsall and what a total disgrace. I want my money back. For this I blame the media like wm, express and star, this for the constant well run club nonsense while jeff bonser has taken millions out of club. All hidden under the well run banner. Maybe if wm had stated that the man has taken millions from the club it may have put pressure on him and not be allowed to get away with this. Look at it shambles


Bonser was, is and will always remain the problem - you must be thick to not realise what that man has done to WFC whilst making himself a very wealthy man, and by the way he is still doing it


■■■■ that, would rather AFC Walsall formed and we abandoned Bescot and its toxic effect on the club for good.


If it was a similar scenario at a public entity - the media would have called them out years ago for shambolic underperformance and shockingly poor VFM - that said, ultimately they also do a bad job at times (in WMs case, a very bad job almost all of the time) but it’s the club that’s the problem, not the way it’s reported…

I’m with you Derby. Said it before, said it again, we need a new club or start.


To be fair, one important thing has potentially changed - bonsor loaned the club money for a number of years and it was either at no interest or certainly low interest. We were told those loans have been repaid. How? Who do we owe money to now? And at what interest rate? Additionally, bonsor made a big thing about never taking a salary (overlooking the small matter of the rent!) - is pomlett taking one? We won’t know until he comes clean on these matters or when the next accounts are published. But I suspect that we are now financially worse off than when bonsor owned the club.

Seriously? :roll_eyes:

My word


Pomlett paid off the loans so we owe him.
This chairman has put a big wedge in rather than taking millions out.
Let’s be honest, Bonsers reason for loaning is money was to keep the business ticking over to continue the rent cheque being paid.
And he basically loaned us a couple of million … out of the millions he’d got out of the club in the first place. Renting us our own ground back to us and loaning our own money back to us… how generous of him… the ****ing leech. :roll_eyes:
Things ain’t great at the moment on the pitch but I think in time off the pitch we’ll become more stable. Of course it would have been preferable that we weren’t neglected and dropped in this for one mans greed in the first place!


We got relegated under Bonser you Bell.


And now we’re heading for the conference…

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We got relegated under Bonser you lovely fellow Walsall supporter


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Well put Steve. A lot of our fans don’t seem to accept this.

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Bonser took our ground, our rent cheques, our transfer fees, our pride and our future.

How anyone thinks otherwise after all these years is beyond me.


Do we know that pomlett himself paid off the loans? I didn’t think he had that kind of money?

None of your other points I disagree with but this is purely on whether, financially, we’re better off right now than last season. Bonsor takes his £430k regardless. But if we’re now paying higher interest on loans to the club and if, for example, pomlett is taking a salary out of the club, then the fact of the matter is we’re worse off financially.

There’s no doubt we’re reaping what was sown by JB and god knows how long that will take to get rid of… The problem now is we all had hope…

Hope of a new direction and leadership

Hope of potential new investment

Hope for an owner that genuinely had a plan to rebuild the club

Problem is it looks like and feels like, it’s not that much different (even though it might be…)

State of some of our fans. Brain dead.