Are you or were you a Stayaway? Poll!

Very simple question - given what’s happened in the last week… Will you be coming back after not attending due to Bonser’s stewardship / lack of investment / poor on-pitch performance?

  • I’m coming back!
  • I still need convincing
  • I’m not coming back!
  • I’m going and I’m not a ‘Stayaway!’

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I will be going to Plymouth and Exeter games :sunglasses:. i.e. in Plymouth and Exeter
So I’m probably classed as a stay away :frowning:

I’m currently trying to work out how show frequencies instead of percentages… any admin able to help? @simon ? @Exile ?

I was a stay away to an extent. I still attended the around 10-12 games a season but I used to go to every home and a few aways. Now il be doing my best to attend every game I can.


Likewise. Went to very few games last season, not directly because of Jeff but because I didn’t feel the love or excitement of it anymore

Haven’t even been to a game yet this season but the fire has definitely been re-lit and although I can’t make it to every game, I’ll certainly put in the effort to get to as many as I can


I was a stay away due to losing interest, hope and losing that something that makes you want to go and support your team on a Saturday afternoon. That day we sold fox and dann tipped me over the edge. Came back with my family when keates took over in what became one of our worst seasons on record… I have that something again now onwards and upwards. UTS


I stopped going when Whitney was not replaced after the play off season. Vowed not to return until Bonser left. (I thought I might have to outlive him!)

Pomlett has given us some hope.

I bought my season ticket yesterday - same seat as 3 years previous!!

Feels good to be back.


My name is Sid…a-a-and…I-I-I’m a stayaway…I feel so much better now it’s out in public…now I’ve got that out of my system,I’m off to my AA meeting…:shushing_face:


Semi-Stayaway I’d say, you did go to a handful of matches last season. Anyway here’s hoping I can persuade you to join us next week :crossed_fingers:


Likewise :+1:

I still need convincing but I am going to Northampton and

I have bought 2tickets for the Forest Green game. :wink:


Fair play chunkster.


I never was a Stayaway - I never saw the point. Staying away and depriving the club of funds didn’t hurt Bonser: he still got his pound of…sorry, rent money. It just meant that the manager, whoever it was, had less money to sign decent players. It’s time to rally behind the new regime: UTS!


Thing is though, it seemed no matter what revenue was being made by the club ie player sales, we never saw any investment, yes maybe it was paying off loans and whatever else behind the scenes but we weren’t to know this as nothing was being communicated but on the footballing side, the side we can all see as fans, we saw nothing hence the dismay amongst fans

The fact that LP is communicating with us and letting us know where the money is being distributed and how we can contribute makes me want to start going again and feel like I’m making a difference


Went to 8 home games last season and every away. Will be doing every home game now.


Think a lot of people have been like me the past few seasons

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The thing is,it’s not a logical decision,or a financial decision when a stayaway decides to start attending again,It’s something you feel inside,(or not as the case may be).I don’t think that anyone who has stayed away for as long as I have can encouraged to go back by people saying “it’s different now with LP and DC in charge” or “you’ve got to support the new Regime”. People will make their own minds up,just as they did when they decided to stop attending.

Or your sons and grandchildren constantly on your case :thinking:

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What, a ■■■■? :wink:

:joy::joy::joy: You ■■■■ :kissing_heart: