As a Walsall fan who do you have most hatred for out our local teams

This is a really hard question for me . I hate villa, baggies , dingles and the shrews. Whilst for some unknown reason I really like the blues and always hope they do well . Could be that I dislike villa so much so I like to see there main rivals do well :joy::joy:How about you ?
Or it could be that you want all the local teams to do well ?

I used to hate Wolves,but to be honest they’ve earned my respect over the past 2 or 3yrs,so I don’t hate any teams local or not…:grinning:


For me its our historic rivals where the hatred runs deep so it has to be Shrewsbury and Port Vale.

Wolves yes, Villa i dont really mind to be honest and actually felt a small sense of pride when they won the European Cup, Baggies i have general dislike for , Blue noses the same. For some reason I have a strong dislike of Coventry which gas developed over the last few years in large part due to their financial mismanagement.

I have a soft spot for a few of the local non league sides just because


I don’t mind the likes of the Dingles, Vile, Tesco Bag Ladies doing well even though the majority of it is bought by the Chinese (CoronaVirus anyone ?) but for some reason I absolutely detest Birmingham City.
I also have a hatred for Hereford as well, in breds.

My best mate is a Wolves fan, my brother is a bag lady. My mothers family have been Albion since about 1903. Ive never had any dealings with the blues. I only ever knew one Blues fan and he has tourettes. (no joke)

I don’t really particularly hate any of the big guys, but i have a serious dislike of Villa. For a start most of them are from the east Mids or Sutton Coldfield which is just ■■■■■■■ weird (■■■■■■). They are deluded, and all belong on a register.

In recent years our more traditional rivalries have come back in the to fore and i think this is great. Ive more in common with say Crewe, Shrews, Port Vale. And this makes just makes the games better.

also, Stourbridge are a proper noncey club that belongs in the bin. Last time i saw them play Rushall one of their fans was trying to get the Rushall manager arrested for caling him a C bomb.

All of them

Wolves top the rest underneath and set fire too lot!

Make sure you add a bit of leeds and bradford too

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Villa - and its nothing to do with being a Walsall fan but being a human being.

Disgusting, arrogent, entitled little gloryhunting fanbase.
Take this week as an example of their intelligence. Last sunday they were spouting how proud they were to be at wembley and what an achievement it was. 8 days later SmithOut is trending on social media. Idiots, every one of them.

I dont think its a local view - when I get the train to Bezzla from New Street its usually full of our opponents fans for the day. When the train paases villa park they nearly always make similar comments.

Never thought i would ever think it but me too Sid.

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Wolves are a horrible club with a fan base well above there station.

Success has come on the back of oversees money, no great plan just money, horrible lot.


Dingles…cant stand them.

Hate the Dogheads… Proper hate. Worst fans out of the lot - didn’t see any of them in League 1

2nd place - Shrewsbury/Port Vale

3rd place - All of the rest

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Never understand how supporting one team leads to bad feelings about any other, except when we play them!


The dog heads.

The pigeons (the albion). Think they’re a massive club now. Arrogant smug fans.

Don’t care about the rest.

I’m my teens no one escaped the hatred :joy:, but now I am more mature I don’t actually hate anyone, until we play them, then it’s all out vitriol :joy::joy:


Couldn’t gaf about our wealthy Neighbours. They’re just loaded scum. I reserve my loathing (hatred is the wrong word) for Shrews, PV, Stoke et al. Odious bastard teams.

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Man united. The only team I have ever really despised. The original glory hunter team and probably the biggest catalyst for the “demise” of the game I grew up with.

I know they are not local but I genuinely don’t hate any of the locals, but I do like to loff at their fans when they talk ■■■■ and give it the big ‘un.


That’s not answering the original question. If not local, then the teams I despise most are those that shat all over the rest of us by setting up the premiershit and stealing all the money. Ruined the game, and it’s getting worse.

  1. The Vile.
  2. Shrewsbury.
  3. Wolves.

Shrewsbury and Port Vale for me.


Don’t have any massive hatred to any of the bigger clubs until we play them - but when we do it’s unlike any compared to the teams around us

But while we’re where we are, Vale, Shrews and Cov are the ones I dislike most in no particular order

Couldn’t stand Wolves when they were in our league, they’re obsession with us was weird considering all they harped on about was how small a club we are and how massive they are - proper mongy, clingy, in your face fan base - do you even support them if you don’t have a shirt, car sticker, scarf and every bit of coloured merchandise they sell?

Although West Brom are a much bigger club than us and have no right saying this, I see them as just a bit of ■■■■ irrelevant club

Villa, I echo what everyone else has said - bratty, self entitled fan base

For some reason I quite like the Blues, they’re a proper club but this would probably change if we was to play them in a competitive fixture