Ash Taylor to Kilmarnock

Ash Taylor’s contract terminated ahead of a move back to Scotland with Kilmarnock.

Thank god for that must be defender coming in then


I didn’t see that one coming hopefully that means we have a defender coming in today then else the squad is even thinner for saturday.

I suspect he would of been on a decent wage which I could see us trying to put into Khan.


One of the most disappointing signings even compared to some of the over priced has-beens brought in by the special one and Taylor. Won’t miss him


Fine with that. Wasn’t available anyway Saturday so we would still have been short. As long as somebody comes in before next Saturday jobs a goodun. Got to have been on decent wages.


How much of these wages did we have to pay before mutually terminating his contract though? I find it strange that we had to terminate his contract rather than him moving on a free transfer…

Hopefully we didn’t pay him off as his got a move. Rubbish player won’t be missed by me . Brave move by the club though hopefully someone better lined up

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Mutual termination is an agreement between the two parties isn’t it? Different to if we sacked him.


See Russell Martin and Gary Liddle. Came with decent pedigree, largely pap. Hope we use the free wage very, very well.


It is strange. I do not recall many sudden changes like that. The fact that he has somewhere to go indicates that it probably was by mutual consent, instead of that being a euphemism. Family still in Scotland perhaps.

The absence of Monthe is really being felt. I had, and have, no problem with him being punished but, assuming he is being paid, it seems to me that the club is being punished most and he was not even playing for us at the time of the offence. Surely a large fine would have been more appropriate to the crime? If someone keeps getting booked or sent off (who can I mean?) and is suspended, the club can be be seen to be in some way deserving of losing the player, but how is that right in this case?

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Good move. Now let’s move on quick.

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A big surprise to me. It means, of course, we need another CB. Looks like there will be more changes than we thought during this window.

Club obv arent bothered either else we’d have kept him and demanded a few quid like you usually would when you want to keep a player.
Good by Taylor and Fullerton to notice a player isn’t good enough and move them on quickly

He certainly still thinks he has something to offer

No great loss. Hopefully Leak will get his chance tomorrow at CB.
Biggest concern is LB. Looks like we are stuck with Ward. Hopefully he’s the next one to depart.

As long as we replace with someone better, then fine

Love how he’s making out that it was his decision :rofl::rofl:

He’s been released from a 2 year contract for being shite!


He was on a two year contract so imagine we’re just relieved to have him off the wage bill.


A low bar.


Good he was wank now get a decent centre half in