Aston Villa (H) Tue 17th July, 7.45pm


Our third pre-season friendly with the regular annual fixture against the Villa, who will be keen to show that they will again be challenging for a place in the Premiership cash machine…


Villa are coming down this year.


That’s a shame, ‘cos we’m gooin’ up… :wink:


In the event of that happening do you think Franksie and co would have a melt down? The thought of having to cover Walsall ahead of the mighty Villa would be cause multiple resignations. However seeing as ■■■■■■ are in the Premiership they will most likely forget about all other midlands teams altogether.


Assuming ■■■■■■ stay in the premiership. :grinning::grinning:


Na they will ■■■■ it up :laughing:


Looks dead compared to last year


Because fans are fed up with not only this boring friendly but the club as a whole :neutral_face:


Not sure how much good friendlies against better teams are doing us to be honest. We don’t seem to see much of the ball.


Goal Villa OG


1 down walsall end looks empty lol


Yeah. Villa filled the family stand last year too. Looks like both sets of fans are fed up of this one.


Morris just missed an absolute sitter.


Guess the trialist…looks like Ian Roper.


Over 8,000 watching on YouTube though. Don’t tell Jeff he’ll find a way to charge them :joy:


Is there anybody that is watching this that can tell me we are not in some serious trouble? We need to cut the ‘it’s only a friendly’ bullshit!

We were comfortable against a much better Villa side last year…


Worldie from Hourihane.

The Triallist just absolutely nailed Kodija.


Well by the time the season starts we’ll be experts at kick-offs.


3-0 lol


its pitiful to watch :disappointed_relieved: