Aston Villa (H) Tue 17th July, 7.45pm


We can’t do the basics of defending, closing down, blocking shots, dealing with crosses. Its pretty embarrassing, even for a friendly.


Given up, & fired Netflix up instead.


We are ■■■■. Really really ■■■■.


Trialist looks familiar, but cant place him. Small for centre half.


Think the defending hasn’t even been our worst area. We are so bad going forward. Last ball is atrocious, Cook doesn’t look like he can run and we have zero creativity.

At least at the back Dunne Triallist and CM probably aren’t first choice. As it stands that is our starting line up going forward without ismail and Baka. Shocking.


Christ, on this showing Ajax will take us to the cleaners.


We were so much better this time last year. Can’t we get that manager back and get some order into the team!


I have turned it off it is quite worrying, friendly or not, villa are no great shakes :neutral_face:


What’s the point of having Cook if we don’t get the ball in first time?


sorry but cook looks a at lest a stone to big to me


Cook is winning the occasional header, but there’s never anyone feeding off him.

I don’t know about a half-time team talk, it’s more like a half-time miracle needed here. This has been men against boys.


He wouldn’t catch it.


cook did well then


4-0 christ


players hands on hips says it all really


Cook is by far the stand out performer for us. Looks lively & a real handful. If only we could give him the ball more frequently!


Are you sure? He’s won a couple of headers.

He’s also so slow on the ball he lost possession half way inside the Villa half after the midfielder tracked him back from the half way line.


A long, hard season. 20th would be a success given our “competitive” budget




He’s nowhere near the stand out performer for me :s