Aston Villa (H) Tue 17th July, 7.45pm


1-4 goalllllllllllllllll


We score!!!


If Cook and Baka are supposed to be forming a partnership, surely it might be an idea to play them together?? I just don’t get this pre-season so far, I was hoping for a Graydonesque logical approach from DK.


Because I don’t think they are. Cook and Baka are way too similar and immobile. They both need a smaller pacier striker to play with.


Zele best player for us already


bring ozzy back :smile:


Ismail should be playing for a better side than us!


So in search of the logic I was looking for why did we sign them both instead of just one of them? Given that we’ve got the budget of old mother hubbard. Zeli looks like a glimmer of hope anyway, good stuff.


Baka is useless, would rip his contract up.
Leahy keeps hitting it long to no avail
Relegation looks certain very short in all areas


Could be heavily reliant on Zele this year.


And cook?


Well because in an ideal world Baka is the back up for Cook. But yeah I’d prefer us to have our first choices sorted first before we get our back ups sorted.


Apparently my HT comment was on the wrong thread! Slight improvement second half but like othersI don’t understand what is going on. OK we are short of at least 2 CBs but surely we should be fielding out best team in these games for at least 45 minutes and introducing the younger lads as we go on. Zeli looked good when he came on but didn’t have Cook to feed!! Surely these games are about team play as much as anything else…if JW had fielded these teams he would have been slammed by most on here.


Don’t worry, there is time yet to have a go at deano if he doesn’t come up to scratch. I think fans are reluctant at the moment because even though we have had an awful pre season, they are hoping that he will come good come the start? i myself am reserving judgement :neutral_face:


We’ve got far too many players who are either unproven and may or may not come off, and quite a few who are proven…ie. not good enough that we’re stuck with. Zeli is a proven decent player at this level which is probably why he stands out. We actually need another 5 minimum. Two full-backs and a centre-half, winger, and some pace up-front. We might get away with signing 3, centre-half, winger who can also play up front, and at least one proper centre-half. The getting away with it scenario would depend on some of the unproven lot turning up trumps, no more serious injuries, and getting a nailed on way of playing that enables limited players (like our full backs) to just do the basics within that system.

But is this not where we were in May?? Personally I would sign Lloyd Dyer tomorrow, he would walk into that team, guarantee 8-12 goals a season and would be a massive help to the likes of Cook.


Nothing but a relegation battle if likes of Leahy, Devlin, Baka and Kinsella are regular starters again this season. Fan of Morris but he’s increasingly looks like he belongs in the group tbh.

Baffling thing to me is surely DK saw the level of these players in the run in last season so he can’t rate them (apart from Baka who he seems to like).

I assume he’d get some experienced replacements in and those named would go to the bench but here we are with just over two weeks to play Plymouth and they’re the starters in pre season.

Penny for DK’s thoughts. I wonder how much of this reality has differed from what he was told when he became the manager in March…


Well A I don’t see many people being positive, B it’s clear that this is a half finished squad and C He hasn’t had a fraction of the time Whitney had.

Fans are fickle. There’s plenty of time for them to turn on him if any of those aren’t sorted.


Went last year, not this, like appears to be the case for many.

7,022 (3,310) there last pre-season, literally half that this year 3,501 (1,702). That what really tells you where both teams are this year.

Is that where the real story is?

Powers that be will hear that loud and clear. Stop serving up :poop:


Feel sorry for the 1,800 Walsall fans who paid to watch our bits and pieces side get thumped by Villas first team for 70 minutes.

Worryingly for Villa their fringe players were on a par with our fringe players for the 20 minutes after they made the subs.


Like i said earlier @P.T, villa are no great shakes, and they are about to lose some good players, i would be surprised if they ended up in the top 10 next season.