Aston Villa (H) Tue 17th July, 7.45pm


Grealish, James Chester and Kodjia all likely to be sold before the season starts to fill the 40m FFP void so yeah nowhere near top 6 championship team without those three.


Can’t believe Keats has gone from the Messiah to the “naughty little boy” so quickly,he should be given at least until the new year to get the squad working the way he wants especially the defence.


I dont think many people would blame DK if he doesn’t have the money to put together a squad. JW had some cash at his disposal.


He literally hasn’t though has he. Our problems are with the board, not him. He will be judged as the season progresses appropriately.


Dean Keates certainly doesn’t get a free pass as far as I’m concerned, but I’m prepared to give him some time, the same Smith and Whitney.

The funding resource of the team is the consistent issue here, as it has been for some time. That responsibility sits with one person only.


There has to be money to get in some decent loans, we will surely see signings by end of week.


What money on us STILL saying this 3-4 weeks into the season, whilst sitting comfortably in the relegation zone, without a point to our name?


Worsul4eva - I think we will see a couple of loan signings, the calibre of Shaun Donnellan, coming in just to appease us fans. We might even sign one of the mystery triallists but we will still be sh!te. Money talks in this game and we ain’t got any…but hey, the Pension Fund is going from strength-to-strength. I wonder when Jeef will decide he’s taken enough from the club? I won’t hold my breath.


i think that if Bonzo has been reading this site, he will up the budget :laughing:


I haven’t seen anyone particularly knocking Keates tbh

The majority connected with Walsall Football Club know exactly where the problem lies…


And the Vile have been saved AGAIN.
By 2 billionaires this time.


If the tax man doesn’t get them FFP will


Will they though? teams like Villa always seem to get away with it :unamused: i would love them to get docked points and get relegated, in fact i would love them to go out of business altogether :rofl:


Don’t let Sound Out here you say that Chunkster.
He must be lurking somewhere :rofl:


Hilarious result at Sheff Utd. Fighting amongst themselves too.

Brilliant! :laughing:


Yes but the only thing that will happen is Bruce will be sacked and they will get someone in to get them prompted :frowning:


Or (perish the thought) promoted … :wink:


Bloody predictive text on my ipad🙈