Attendance for cambridge

what are we thinking? great offer but the team are not doing well which could make this offer backfire i will say 5000ish.

You may need proof of attendance from the game to guarantee a ticket for the Oxford match so I’ll go for 8668 with 675 from Cambridge.

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8668!! Jesus that’s ambitious I can’t see 5000 tbh

4k at a very huge push more like 3.5k tho…

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Less than 5,000 ,maybe less than 4,000,any bids for below 3,000?

5,000 at most with 300 from Cambridge. Nobody casual wants to watch that, fiver or not.

2-0 defeat. Gaffney to miss his junction on the way to the ground and end up at Villa Park.

4475 with 350 from Cambridge.

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Depends how its marketed! If its the same Bonser approach of knock a few quid off and cross your fingers then it will struggle to break 5k.

I’m not seeing anything different in approach from this ‘new’ board and its starting to get on my nerves.

Not so much the board as the management (mostly the same people) and staff. I’m not expecting anything different for a while. Cultural change takes time.


Especially when you have got the same blokes from the old failing regime in the exact same roles!


Winning 2-0 already @Belphegor your attendance looking more likely now


Tonight’s result regardless of the quality of the team forest Green put out should at least put an extra 2 or 300 on the gate

Cambridge’s away followings this season have actually been decent. I’d expect them to bring 800+ at only £5 a ticket. As for us? I’d be surprised if we hit the magic 5,000.

So… 5,514 (842 away)

I have a good friend who is a Cambridge fan and is. going. He expects a vg turnout from them.

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As there are no other games in the M.Mids maybe we should all buy friends who support our neighbours a special present for a fiver on Saturday.
They may never forgive us though.


“Guarentee a ticket”? I remember last year Sunderland at home in the second round and there was barely 3k there (in fairness a week after playing them in the league which drew I think biggest gate of the season) so unless a Cambridge ticket means you get the Oxford match for free (which I very much doubt) I don’t see a huge rush for Oxford if even the replay is won.

Anyway I agree poor form isn’t going to get it close to even 8k. A shame but that’s on the team and manager. Let’s hope for 5-6k at least. I assume given it’s one fixed price there will be cash turnstiles at every part of the ground rather than ridiculous queues at the ticket office?

almost certain to be ridiculous queues mate although what you suggest makes perfect sense and makes it loads easier for fans turning up on the day.


Cambridge bringing 389

I knew I’d get at least one, but didn’t expect such a good one :smile: