Away days

Think it was Everton played at Anfield then there was a dispute with the landlord and Everton moved to Goodison Park. Then Liverpool Association were formed a bit later and played at Anfield Not entirely sure though!


They’ve never taken on the Irish-scouse force that is Mrs T. They wouldn’t dare. In fact I reckon @chunkster would be washing up and @Dhforever would be hoovering before they left. :smirk::smirk:


You are probably right now :laughing: but back in the day i would have given 100% :wink:

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50 and a fair few who are no longer league clubs and I haven’t been away for a good few years or it would be higher there was a time when I went anywhere and everywhere between 1989 and 2003

That would be my list too. Was going to claim 86 as have been to see us at Villa - but as you’ve specified “competitive games” then the friendly I attended there (when was that?) doesn’t count.

This is my current club count, not current ground count - Brighton, Arsenal and Man City (think that’s all) have moved from where I saw us play them (Brighton twice - Goldstoun and Withdean; we never played them during their stay at the Priestfield).

On top of that there are a whole ruck of clubs like Notts County, Chesterfield, Wrexham, etc (and now Bury) that were in the league when we played them but are now non-league. And quite a lot of non-league too for cup games (and friendlies - but we’re not counting those under your rules).

And of course you have to add in the Millennium Stadium and now Wembley as places I’ve seen us play.

I have also been to some games not involving us here and abroad e.g. Santiago Bernabeau where I saw a future Saddler in Vinny Samways playing for la Palma. My big memory of that game is that Steve McManaman was playing for Real and as they were lined up awaiting the refs whistle to start the 2 of them ran across the centre circle to shake hands). The stadium looked half empty but the crowd announced was over 60,000!

Another is the municipal stadium in Albufeira watching Benfica against West Brom while on holiday in the Algarve (a hastily arranged game as one of their other pre-seasons in Spain got cancelled - and I happened to be staying close by). There was only 1 stand, with some temporary event seating down the other side. Crowd was only a couple of thousand, Albion got tonked, and Gaza sat just a little way behind me (he was managing a local side out there briefly).

So away clubs in competitive games is 85, total number of away grounds I’ve seen us play at (including friendlies etc) must be close to 150.

The villa game was Alan Evans testimonial in 1988. I had counted that too.

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So it wouldn’t be unique for a club to uproots from its existing rented stadium due excessive rent demands and relocate - mmmmm interesting!


The reason for specifying competitive games is because that was the rules determined at the time by the 92 Club.
There was an article in a Burnley programme when we were playing up there about 25 years ago (pre internet), so I sent off my self addressed envelope to get their booklet.
Only competitive first team games counted, so testimonials and pre season matches weren’t recognised to doing the 92.
With clubs moving to new grounds, you could still count visits to the old place.
Like us all, we now need to see the the Saddlers play at Man City, Arsenal, West Ham, Cardiff and Brighton, with Brentford and Wimbledon moving in the near future too.

As you say, I was at Villa Park for the Allan Evans testimonial, plus I’ve been there for the second leg of a youth cup final with Walsall.

I have seen a Villa v Leeds match there, but I only count Saddlers games.

Each to their own how you count grounds, but I chose to stick to the 92 club rules back then and to this day.

I’ve also had the opportunity to watch games overseas while travelling with work, with visits to Ajax and PSG in the past twelve months, plus games in Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ireland.

Overall, I’m at about 160-170 grounds visited.

Yes this is what the hardcore 92 club still do. I think most mere mortals just stick to ‘seeing a 90 minute match in each stadium’ these days. Impressed at the numbers you folks have.

I’ve lived in various places across Europe. I’m on 196 total grounds…currently working on completing the Norwegian Eliteserien…difficult to see Walsall playing a competitive fixture at Tromsø!

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I wouldn’t get past 20. Kudos to anyone who gets in the 100s!

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60 of the current 92 though a few are ‘old grounds’. Plus a number now in non-league.

89 of the current 91 just need everton and newcastle and only one of them wasn`t with walsall . seen walsall play on 154 grounds inc friendlies .


Exactly the same as me - spooky!

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Probably would pal lol , lot more sedate on a Saturday nowadays

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York was a really good away day that is sadly missed. All grounds that are close to the centre of their town are better and with York being such a decent place to drink and generally hang out, it was a cracker.


I would agree with that and was always one of the nearest to Hull for me. Remember a bitterly cold Friday night there just before Christmas once , a 1 nil win with a cracker from Jimmy Williams.


Never sat and added them up mate been been to a fair few over the years, but it’s ironic you saying you’ve never seen us play at Everton or Newcastle, every cup draw where we’ve still been left in and premier league teams enter I’ve sat with our Steven and I’m repeating myself all the time “Everton away, Newcastle away, Everton away, Newcastle away …” he laughs and says dad you’ve never been to the etihad why don’t you pray for that pmsl… I’d been to Maine road to see us that’s good enough lol
That’s some serious addiction Dave, fair play to you buddy.

Im not sure how many grounds he has been to but my bro in law has been to over 500 wfc away games. That a lot of grounds and a lot of heartache.

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71 for me, plus well over 100 non-league, Wembley the Millenium and a couple of rugby grounds where football was temporarily played, Kingston Park (Newcastle Blue Star), and Leigh (Horwich/Leigh RMI). Shame when the thread got me thinking just how many of the grounds, and even quite a few of the clubs I’ve visited no longer exist.

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Done Everton in cup in 72 mate. So just Spurs and Newcastle to cross off, also done all the ones who have fell out the leauge system again all with Walsall
My late father has a lot to answer for mate , why on earth did he choose Walsall as our team lol

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