Looks like he’s on his way out, not in the team today…

Someone on Facebook said his paperwork had not gone through in time otherwise he would be turning out for the gasheads today.
Might be utter rubbish of course.

Looks like he’s off. Think he will score goals elsewhere - time will tell whether he’s another who will score when he has a fresh start.

Baka had enough chances last season - he’s just not clinical enough in front of goal. You can’t learn that, you either have it or you don’t. Let’s hope we get a decent fee for him - over £100k.

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Id gladly allow him to leave. He had plenty of chances to show what he was capable of and never did. He had potential but never shone through. Way too lazy at many times

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Add to that he just isn’t a good enough finisher to ever score 20 in a season imo, snatches at too many chances particularly when he’s through on goal.

Reminds me of the Martin Butler situation, who also came through the ranks but the Fans soon got on his back despite showing potential and he needed to go somewhere else (Cambridge) to get some goals - which he did - but never (I recall) above League 1 level.

Baka was in a very poor Team last year - playing up front on his own - but the times I saw him…not good. Best of luck to him

As usual, a player who became an easy target for the fans to slag off (wonder why?) Can see a decent player in him given some proper service, which he certainly didn’t have last season.

Now we are playing 2 up front who knows what he could be capable of, but Walsall fans are very fickle and judgemental. Lets hope that it / he does not come back and bite us.

No doubt there will be a sell on clause in the deal, just in case he does turn his career round and Rovers sell him on for big money in the future, unlikely though

I wish the lad well…he was asked to do an almost impossible job last season…playing up front as a lone striker in a poorish team.Lets hope we have a sell on as he may just turn it on at Bristol Rovers.


If we get money for him will turn out to be good business that we exercised that contract extension.

Yes it shows Keatsey has his head screwed on, could easily have let him go for nothing

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I can see him doing well with a new start elsewhere.
Confidence is the issue with him and our fans have seen enough to make an assumption that he’s not good enough.
Like others have said, played in a poor team, alone and everything on his shoulders to perform.
I can see him playing awesome against us and working his ass off.
His times done for us and if we get a fee and sell on then why not get some others in the squad.

This I do agree with. Well done for taking the option on his contract earlier in the summer instead of letting him go on a free - Bonser will now be 150k richer!

Get real. Yes he played on his own in a poor team last yr but he has scored 18 in over 100 games, he didn’t play all 100 last year. Any fee is a bonus for a very limited player

So many times for us, he didn’t do this. I cant see that was because the fans were on his back.

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Keates has decided Cooke is the main man. He’s signed another forward in Ferrier that he feels will form a partnership and both those players deserve their chance to make it having served a longer apprenticeship than Bakka who has been given every opportunity as a league footballer at Walsall. He can now with a move in the offing look back on how we gave him a start in professional football that with his future efforts will ping him into a decent career. We get some money, having developed him, and if he goes on to score 20 goals for Brizzle and Cooke gets 21 everyone’s a winner.


Lets hope we bring a couple more players in with the money

Oh ■■■■ off. It’s not the fans fault he’s been awful in nearly 100 games

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