Barnsley (H) 23rd Mar, 12 noon (TV)


Making the most of a very dodgy internet connection from the 6th floor of a Budapest hotel, I’ll treat you all to the luxury of a very brief preview. I can’t even get the BBC website up to quote Barnsley’s current form, but I think @geordiesaddler has pretty well outlined that elsewhere - thanks @geordie!!

A win would be ideal, and a decisive win might make a hole in our dreadful goal difference…




Might be one o’ clock kick off where you are Peter, but it starts at Midday here :wink:



That’s what the Wiki search for Barnsley told me - thanks for the correction!! :soccer:



Come on you saddlers. Decided to watch this on the box . Save a few quid with my family. endless supply of alcohol at my side . Looking forward to a great game cuz I think we have 2 teams who are going to be well up for this for very different reasons .UTS

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Kick off 8pm here. Luxury!



Will be difficult and they’ll have too much for us. Barnsley are the best side in the league in my opinion. Hoping we keep the score down and don’t embarrass ourselves on the telly, but more importantly don’t give our relegation rivals a psychological edge going into their games knowing the side in the last relegation place just got pumped.



They were superb at Southend the other week, winning 0-3 with 10 men, but were disappointing at Doncaster last Friday and should have lost the game based on the quality of chances I saw created.

From reading their press, the game is on no matter how many international call ups they get, we don’t want to miss the chance to add distance to Sunderland etc, I’m hoping they come here over-confident and we can sneak a surprise through our graft and endeavour.

They should come at us, which means we can break like we did last week with Zeli and Blackett-Taylor.

Hoping for something other than a loss, and I’d love us to be the team that throws a spanner in their promotion charge. Hopefully then in the play-offs they’ll get mullered by whoever finishes 20 points behind them in sixth. That would be a real shame :wink:



Meh free hit. If we win or draw it’s an absolute bonus. Bigger games lie ahead.

All I’m hoping for is 100 percent dedication to the cause and you never know.



I’m still of the opinion we needed something out of the Pompey/Sunderland/Barnsley run of fixtures to stay up. Biggest frustration is we should have had 2 points after running the first 2 close, I just have a horrible feeling that if Barnsley are on form they will tonk us, especially as it is on the box and we are always rubbish when the cameras are present.

Tough game but I think it will be a comprehensive 3-0 defeat.

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I was before the Bradford game to be fair, but I’m looking at it now and I think we need 8 points (Or 3 wins) from the last 8 games. This isn’t one of the 8 games I’d have us pencilled in to win or get anything from so I’m more relaxed about the outcome.

In fact if we did manage to get 3 points from this I’d say we are virtually safe with Oxford, Wycombe, Shrewsbury plus 4 others still to come. Controversial shout I know.



What ever happens I really hope we are not going to Shrewsbury needing a win on the last day.



I can’t think of a better way of staying up personally :wink: … and maybe even sending them down.

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Yes will need get in there early to get a ticket for Shrewsbury I think . Anybody know how many tickets they will give us?



I still believe that we can win this game. It depends if they have been learning these past couple of weeks. UTS

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Think it’s more realistic to get at least a point here than v Pompey and Sunderland (two one goal defeats in the end).

1-1. Barnsley have key players injured, on international duty and possibly suspended (Alex Mowatt and Liam Lindsey both on 10 yellows although picked some up in the cups so not sure if they’re out).



I will be in mid-air when we kick off…Hopefully when I land and turn my phone back on,all the alerts will be Walsall goals.



So far all I’ve heard is utter dribble about how we’ll win and end up 13th for an hour.
Our manager has been stupid enough to regurgitate this.
Guaranteed 0-3 then!



1-1 Leahy free kick.

Really hoping Lee Hendrie isn’t on commentary duty.

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How many mentions of the Super Saddlers having one of the lowest budgets in Div 1? I’m buying at 5.



Well we could be a couple down by the time you land on a trampoline.