Barrie Blower RIP

RIP Barry. Mr SWAG…

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He and Whalley will always be true Saddlers to me for saving us from Weldon. RIP


RIP Barry, more than just his Walsall FC legacy, he was a great servant to the borough, and to Caldmore. Great tribute to him on the main site, will be missed.


A true colossus of a man .
Met he a few times in the SWAG era . A true saddler , so passionate about the club (seems lacking today at some levels) .
We are forever in his debt in keeping the name of WFC .
Mostly remember the coaches we took to FA HQ in London to protest about the merger with blues .
Barry was at his best that day !!
RIP and condolences to his family


RIP Barrie…he certainly saved us from the move away from the town. I was proud to be a member of SWAG but he was the driving force. As the statement says he did much more for Walsall than the work with the football club and he will be remembered with great affection.


RIP BB - always sad to lose a true Saddler

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R.I.P. Barrie.
How we could do with a Barrie Blower now, instead of the Bonser Blower we have in Gamble and Mole!!

Who knows where we would be today, if at all in existence without his massive effort in bringing the protests together at a truly desperate time.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

RIP Puffer.

RIP Barrie a true saddler through and through.

RIP Barry. My dad knew him and I met him a few times as kid.

A great bloke.

RIP Barrie. A true saviour.

Proper Saddler. Rip swagman


RIP Barry,thankfully he had the get up and go and confidence,to fight all the way for the club to stay in Walsall.The guys who are beginning the fight all over again on the 27th,have a lot to live up to,Barry was a giant.

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R.I.P Barrie Blower . Saved Walsall fc and outside of football made a lot of people of Walsall happy and have a better life than they might have otherwise had. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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He came to my school to give a talk in the 1970’s. Inspirational. Knew what needed to be done and took no ■■■■ to get it. Did a lot for the town and should be remembered.

RIP Barrie, Was with him on that march from the town to fellows park and the town hall meeting back in the early 80’s ( was just a young boy at the time ) but even then i knew with Barrie’s drive and passion for the club, we would never lose our fight to keep the club in the town. True legend status among saddlers fans for eternity.

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I wish that he had written his autobiography, giving the full details of everything that happened in the Ramsden/Denglen/Davenmanor/Bonser years from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Now, THAT would make interesting reading!!!


Thank you Barrie, for making people’s lives in Walsall better. RIP legend.

Without you this message board, the club and everything else connected to it would not exist.

Met you several times as a spotty teenager and an assertive member of SWAG. You will be missed.

Thank you Barrie.


Handing out SWAG leaflets before the Gillingham game in April 1982…