Bescot - "The most modern stadium in the country"


The Wayback Machine is a service on the Internet Archive, which allows you to access archived versions of web pages since roughly the web’s inception. Finding the earliest entry for, 3rd December 1998, I couldn’t resist sharing this little gem.

Helicopter landing facilities! :rofl:


Some topic titles from UTS in 1999. Unfortunately not all of them are accessible, but I’d loved to have read “This Message Board Is Getting So Boring And Pathetic”. Ooh er!

If you fancy having a go yourself, the address is:

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18,500 capacity. Wasn’t it only approx. 9,500 before the Gilbert Alsop was extended?


Obviously got excited about the sq. feet and used that figure :joy:


My word! Could easily lose a few days trawling through these archives!!


Was it not 11.000 before the away end was converted? Or am I imagining that…


I think they mean total capacity of the stadium & venue; Bonser Suite, Bescot Bar, etc. It seems to have been calculated from the fact that there is 18,500 square metres of floor throughout.

Book early to guarantee your square metre of personal space!


I seem to remember 11,300 from somewhere


Does that include the pitch? :rofl: