Bescot - "The most modern stadium in the country"

The Wayback Machine is a service on the Internet Archive, which allows you to access archived versions of web pages since roughly the web’s inception. Finding the earliest entry for, 3rd December 1998, I couldn’t resist sharing this little gem.

Helicopter landing facilities! :rofl:

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18,500 capacity. Wasn’t it only approx. 9,500 before the Gilbert Alsop was extended?

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Obviously got excited about the sq. feet and used that figure :joy:

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My word! Could easily lose a few days trawling through these archives!!

Was it not 11.000 before the away end was converted? Or am I imagining that…

I seem to remember 11,300 from somewhere

Does that include the pitch? :rofl:


They packed them in more tightly then.

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The 18,500 figure referred to concert capacity. It’s what they planned to sell when the Wonder Stuff played there.

The ground was about 11,500 when there was three sides of terracing.

bescot was terraced on 3 sides ???

Fellows Park certainly was :wink:

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To be precise you could actually stand on all 4 sides. The enclosure was in front of the main stand.

Agreed … but for plebs like me who used the Hillary Street entrance, anything to do with the main stand was effectively out of bounds. I always favoured the behind-the-goal position anyway, so was very happy spending half the game behind that goal and the other half at the Laundry End. That was, of course, before the days of restricted access to the terracing opposite the main stand!!

Thinking about it, the only time I was ever tempted to use that “side-on” viewpoint was when it was tipping down with rain … and even then it wasn’t always tempting - I remember being the only occupant at the Laundry End on a Saturday afternoon when we won 8-0 against Southport, soaked to the skin but very happy - but that’s another story.

We used it to wind up opposing fans :laughing:

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