Best and Worst Game

What’s the best and worst game you’ve attended as a Saddler?

My best - Millenium Stadium - still nothing close to beating it.

My worst - losing 1-6 at home to Coventry… Roper own goal, Andy Petterman, need I say more.


My worst - losing at Sheff Utd in the 5th round of the cup. Total rubbish, didn’t go for it at all, and I’ve never been so annoyed by a WFC performance.
Heavy defeats at home, on the other hand, I rather enjoy, in a masochistic, “suffering is good for the soul” kind of way. Don’t want them too often, mind. :upside_down_face:

My best - Newcastle, Bury, Man Utd, Anfield, Oldham, various others. If I had to choose one, maybe Newcastle. Might have a different answer tomorrow, or next week, or last week.

Best in recent years, probably the Gills game in 2015, 2-0 down, won 3-2 with a very late winner, but a terrific game from two teams with very different styles.


Wembley was up there for me as one of the worst games, just for the sheer fact that we did all that hard work to get there and didn’t turn up on the day, and as good as smith had been and i think still is it showed just how poor a manager he could be, best game? i have a few, millenium, beating leicester, beating Arsenal at highbury man utd newcastle, all hold fantastic memories.


Tough to whittle it down to 1 best / worst.

For sheer joy and emotion, some of the cup games and promotion clinchers are unquestionably ranked highest, but if I applied “I cannot believe what I have just seen” as the main criterion, I would say the 4-1 win over the Baggies on Merson’s debut. Walking away that day was the only moment in my life I thought we might be good enough to reach the top flight.

For the worst, using the same criterion I would say Feb 2006, the 5-0 drubbing at Brentford. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing that day. :sob: The most inept performance I think I have witnessed.

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That was the day you were lost completely…:joy:


The 1-1 draw away at Swindon that sent us up as champions, and Deano’s equaliser is etched on my memory forever. Jumping up and down with my son under my arm and my old man standing next to me is singularly the best moment of my life. I really doubt that will ever be bettered. The only thing that comes even close is winning away 2-1 at Molineux in our first season up in the Championship, or the play-off final.

It’s harder to pick a real low, and life as a Walsall fan is a series of scrapes and bounces along the bottom of the barrel of life. The utter disappointment of the no-show at Wembley; losing away at Ipswich and getting relegated on the last day of the season - a result made worse by the fact we all knew it was Ada Viveash’s last game for us; or perhaps the 5-0 home defeat to Crewe in the play-offs.

I have to admit that as bad as they were, none of these lows have been anywhere near as high as the highs.

I’ll do my own personal favourite and worst game in a bit, but one game that could certainly pass as the best and worst in recent times is the Port Vale 5-0 game.

Good because goals were flying in everywhere, and there were thousands of us enjoying the beer, the hot weather and smashing Vale.

Bad because it ultimately ended up being a nothing game.


Best was easily Notts County in January 2014. What a great day out and team could’ve won by ten that day. Also remember looking out of the Trent Bridge Inn at ten to three that day seeing a massive thunderstorm outside and actually thinking if I actually wanted to go to the game but needs must…

Not sure on worst really. Hated Northampton a few years back for a few reasons but it wasn’t the worst game I’d ever seen. Coventry last season was more of a inept performance.

Edit: Scrub that. Oakwell. 2016. Silence on the rattler coming back. Deep down everyone knew that was the chance gone for a generation and so it’s proved so far nearly four years since with the championship as far away now as anytime since I started going to Walsall games.


Best have to be the Millenium Stadium and the 1-1 at Swindon, those have to be the two proudest moments. That 3-2 comeback against Gillingham at home also ranks as one of the most enjoyable.
There have been far too many worst performances over the years so it is difficult to pinpoint, but strangely the 2-0 at Oldham has to rank of one of the most dire of the modern day. Was a bit like watching the Birmingham Gynaecologists beating the Long John Silver impersonators, but the latter played better than we did that night!
Wembley was also such a let down, so much promise, so many in red & white, then zilch! That was such a chance to gain some extra supporters down at the Bescot, and we blew it.

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My two most enjoyable games were the 2-2 at Liverpool in the semi final and the playoff at Cardiff. One of the worst in terms of disappointment was Wembley against Bristol City. We had travelled down for the weekend and I felt so ill with tonsillitis that I couldn’t eat anything and just wanted to get home.

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Probably agree with you there about Barnsley but you could say that about a few games that season I the league at home the Blackpool draw or even the Wigan defeat where a draw might of meant us fighting for the champions spot and if that was the case Wigan wouldn’t of surrendered to Barnsley on the last but its if buts and maybes

I could only do a top nine of each, in sections! The milenium, Bury away, and Arsenal away being my top 3, followed by Lincoln away in the Graydon promotion season, Anfield and the Sheff U great escape(Noughties), then Sheff U great escape (80’s), 7-0 at Macclesfield, and 7-3 Preston.

Worst. Rotherham last game at Fellows Park, 0-2 v brizzle in the play-offs Oldham this season, 0-7 Cheslea, 0-2 v Bournemouth in home semi. 1-1 v Millwall in home semi, 5-1 at Crewe in play-offs, 2-0 at Bradford under meeeeeeeers, and a 2-1 home defeat to Reading the game after Buckley was “sacked” in 81.

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For me Cardiff and Rotherham in the Milk cup are up there but there are a few more that are special in there own way for all sorts of reasons

This is a strange one. But favourite game for me was Watford at home. Our second season in the then championship, div 1 at the time. Spring 2003 maybe? We won 3-1 and I think Jorge got two goals. It was a game for me in which I thought. Wow that’s us. We actually might just be an established championship side. We were comfortable and scored well worked goals.

Worst game for me was 1-6 at home to Coventry nearly a year later as someone else recalled. Because this is when I realised that dream was crushed and we were clearly in free fall. Jimmy getting sent off at Millwall for belting Dennis wise really sent us down under. Not that I blame him. Absolute legend. To be replaced by, as said, petterson. *shivers


Best: Beating Reading at Cardiff/the 2-2 at Anfield are my joint favourites- then Watford 4-4, Swindon, Bury and Newcastle.

Worst: Wembley - it was my birthday and I had high hopes of celebrating with a victory but we never turned up. Then losing to Liverpool 2-0 in the Milk Cup SF 2nd leg - I almost felt suicidal that night. Getting relegated on last day VS Rotherham was ■■■■ too.

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All frustrating ones, there was also a limp performance at a then mid table league one team called Sheffield United where out of nowhere Reece Flanagan got a start which suggested long term Whitney wasn’t going to be much cop.

Barnsley was the end though. End for the most talented Walsall squad in a decade and also an end to any illusion there was any sort of “Walsall way” still at the club post Dean Smith.

All downhill from there although at least the brakes have been applied this season and hopefully the club can start moving forward again next season although I remain sceptical.


The best has to be the Watford 4 v 4 , it was a performance i will never forget against a top Watford side one where we never gave up or accepted what looked the inevitable defeat , followed by Highbury 2 v 1. We just bossed it , anyone watching would have thought we were the Division one side was by far the best performance i have seen from a Walsall side.

Worst - always tend to forget them very quickly but the Barnwell relegation year from Div 3 to Div 4 was the worst of times , i was in and out of the country and wanted happy memories to leave on which sadly Barnwell made sure I never got. The psychological problems continue to this day.

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Agree that season was shocking but I can only really remember the last game at FP

Worst game…Wembley v Bristol City

Best game …3-2 win over Man Utd

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Best. Everton in cup in 72
Worst. Wembley