Best of our own

All this talk of rico Henry and improving our youth system has got me wondering. Who do you think is our best ever player through our youth system? Not signed as a kid from elsewhere!

Got to be Allan Clarke. Scored regularly at the highest levels over a long time.


David " mini " Preece for me.


Ian Paul. So sad that he never had the chance to realise his potential. :cry:


Just a little before my time or I was too young to really know what was what, but do remember him… my Dad said he could have gone to the very top.

Same for me, i got quite close to “mini” i knew his girlfriend who lived in walsall wood, her mom used to sell knickers in brownhills indoor market, they used to get up about mid morning and ring me to come and pick him up to either take him to bookies or training :smile:

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Had a wond of a left foot didn’t he :grinning: we produced or scouted local so many good
players around that time ( the likes of Sinnott, Shakespeare, Kelly and Paul Jones and mini ) my childhood terrace heroes. Recruited in the main through Ron Jukes I believe. Happy times Chunk😀

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Taundry … End of discussion


Jamie Paterson is doing well for himself just gone on loan to derby, Michael ricketts had a decent career earning an england call up

I worked at shaky’s moms a few months ago, she said he has moved to lichfield now, a nice barn conversion i think? but yes great days mate :wink:

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The question was best ever. In terms of achievement post-Walsall, Clarke is on his own. FA cup finals with two different clubs, 19 international caps (10 goals), including a World Cup, League titles , a European Cup final when,
" Leeds United lost the 1975 European Cup Final to Bayern Munich 2–0 and were denied a clear penalty when Clarke was tackled from behind and felled by Franz Beckenbauer in the penalty area."

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Days that made me a Saddler today mate.

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Kieron Morris (can someone send help, there’s an angry looking woman with a resemblance to Kieron pointing a gun at my head)


Based on achievement it has to be Clarke, albeit he was before my time.

Really think Henry could have reached similar heights were it not for injuries. First time I saw him I wondered how a kid that looked like the kind of kid Arsenal produce be playing for us.

Ian Roper, if you disagree you are wrong :facepunch:


My wife stopped going to games when he left us.

Loved Ropes. He did exactly what it said on the tin

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Unquestionably got to be Sniffer Clarke.

Loved him too, but he did have a strange gait …



Phil parks was a good keeper that went onto better things, but can’t remember if he was a prodigy

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