Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Attendance today 3,762




VILLA … the gift that keeps giving!!! :laughing:


Back to reality!!! Bet365 have got Blackpool as favourites even at 0-0!!! Should be away


That’s what you get having no experience and just a bunch of newbies to this level!


20 minutes to go … time for a sub, fresh legs and all that ???

(Blackpool 2nd substitution, 73 min)


Who to bring on? No one of real significance that could do a job, hope this brings everyone back down to earth!


80th min. Havent tested there keeper and only 1 change? I dont get why we ay made more subs if were that bad


Did say earlier in this thread that the attendance would be below 4K.
Good job it wasn’t a good gate the way we appear to have played today!


(Computer freeze…) Gordon on for Cook, 69 min

Walsall 2nd sub, Kane Wilson on for Zeli Ismail, 86 min


YET AGAIN we concede late on … Walsall 0 Blackpool 1 (88 min)




4762 according to BBC


It was on the cards, well at least we started the season well, the Saddlers will always put an end to supporters joy, it’s the way of things when you are a Walsall fan…Bugga!


Nothing on sky or bbc??? Is it 0-1?

Sky just reported 0-0?


Betfair now say the match finished 0-0 … :thinking:


No, disallowed


Still not on BBC 0-0 @ 90+5Saddlers


BBC saying 95 mins and still 0-0

#80 have it at 0-0.

And the attendance as 4762 now.