Bloody bottle jobs


I mean, they are going to get the ball to McGeady aren’t they? He’s probably their best player. I really doubt they thought “Let’s keep sticking it on that lad who has been like a brick wall all game” which is what I took from Neuromatics comment.


yeah and… didn’t say they were awful, l love devlin, I looked at the incidents for the goals and gave my opinion on those incidents. didn’t give my view on how I rate the players.

It could of been Jorge leitao and I would of had the same opinion


Suspect Sunderland always target the right-back because their best player is a left-winger. Makes sense.


At the time I genuinely believed they were targeting him. I presumed it was because they knew he’d gets less protection from Ismail/Morris where as Leahy and Ginelley work better defensively. Devlin was left 1 on 1 too many times (something which was ■■■■■■■ me off) but dealt with the situations easily. ■■■■ it, he was my MOTM. He was superb.


I thought he was a useless sod though?


Him or Kinsella easily, he was superb. And he should have had two assists and would have if our finishing was better. Still got one though.


Agree. Devlin doesn’t get the level of protection Leahy gets with Ginnelly. Both Zeli and Morris have a tendency to switch-off defensively, especially when we lose the ball in advanced positions.

Considering that and the contribution he provides going forward, Devlin doesn’t deserve half of the criticism levelled at him.


I think some of you are missing some major points here.

When you play against better opposition it brings a different type of pressure and psychological challenges. The better players at this level will not always be faster and stronger , but what they do have is better game management and positioning throughout the 90 minutes.

These errors were people mention we’re more than likely forced by pressure.


And therein lies the problem with relying on a 2 minute highlights clip to attribute fault. If all you ever see of our defenders are those clips you will take that impression away from every game.

However I do agree that in both goals the basics weren’t executed. I just don’t think the correct individual(s) was highlighted.


Think he would have got another assist if the ref hadn’t pulled that one back for advantage. A truly baffling refereeing decision which we’d have scored from 9 times out of 10.


Horrendous decision.


Strange game really. The referee helped us but also cost us with baffling decisions. Shocking.


Max Power has had his red card rescinded


That was almost a sensible debate, congratulations on almost not resorting to personal abuse.
Does show however that we DO have supporters who feel passionate about our beloved Walsall, just a shame there are so few in the Borough who can be arsed to support their local team!
Pity so many loyal fans are exiles like myself, why have so many left the town? We can’t ALL have found the station?


There’s plenty in town who love the club, but have been ground down by Bonser’s relentless ‘pragmatism’.


Is that the word to describe the ‘easy to follow ticketing system’?


Inter alia…


Anyone know if Chambers is remotely close to being involved again? His days as a starter are likely over but imo he’d have been a great option to bring off the bench with twenty to go on Saturday, guy can still read the game no problem. Would imagine that will be his role rest of the season when games need closing out and he’ll then retire.


Christmas is the most likely date for a return according to DK last week. I wonder when Edwards will be on the bench…the end of November is nearly here!!


Spot on about Devlin and Dobson, el nombre. If either player is at fault out on the wing, it’s Morris, who half heartedly tracked back and didn’t do enough to pressurise their man. Once it came over, it looks like Dobson to me and,in fact, immediately following the goal, Martin was having words with him to that effect. That said, like you, I think it’s ridiculous to be pulling up players on every issue - Dobson had a great game and is having a great season.