Bloody bottle jobs


could well be, so best to keep switched on and get the points when they are literally on your lap.


The first, as I pointed out and you have completely ignored, had ■■■■ all to do with Devlin. Did you actually go to the game? He was outstanding.


Jesus H Christ. If that is the only thing that stops us getting promoted I’ll be very happy.


I think @WednesburySaddler is right.

Football is dead to me, killed by the outrageous dereliction of duty by our so called players. I think I’ll live in a tent on the Eurasian Steppe, sobbing quietly to myself that such a thing was allowed to happen and blaming myself.

On the third anniversary of this incident, I’ll build a funeral pyre and throw myself onto it, my final thoughts will be of the betrayal of the sub-human scum that willfully neglected their duty.

I might change my mind after a cheese sandwich, but I doubt it.


you kidding me ? he was amazing but looking at this specific incident devlin and morris had the winger boxed in and should of suffocated him and poked the ball out for a corner, they wasn’t decisive enough and the player somehow got the ball past the two and onto the next phase of play which ended up with the goal.


Devlin actually stopped the cross on the first. Nobody reacts to that and there is no movement towards the ball when it comes to the Sunderland player in the Centre. How the ■■■■ is that Devlin’s fault? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


because he along with morris should of been decisive and either won the ball from the man or knocked it out of play, if you watch it not one of them was pro active and they were merely reacting to what the sunderland player was doing instead of one taking charge.

the second goal is similar no clear understanding on who’s going to do what before the ball goes in the box from morris and delving


He did win the ball! He made the block. Nobody reacts. I believe Dobson is the man closest.

Incredible. If it’s as easy as lunging in and dispossessing the player that easily then fine but he did actually make the block. Nobody goes for the second ball. You’ve literally watched the video.


The centre halves yet again don’t deal with anything in the middle … blame the full back. couldn’t make it up.


yeah he did put the block in but at a stage during that 2-1 situation the advantage is with us to get that ball or concede the throw/corner. Iplace more blame at moriss as I feel it would be better for him to make the challenge while devlin is ready to pounce if the player tries to knock it down the line.

I did say morris and devlin as a defensive partnership, not just singled out devlin, I am sure if they watched it back the pair of them they would feel the same.

You are dead right about the unmarked man who picked the lose ball up and got the cross in…

so that’s a free man to deliver the cross and a free man to finish it off, in which case we had 8 players in/around the box.

makes really bad viewing from a critical coaching pov.


you really are on a nicky devlin love in here aint you ?

I said moris and devlin and then called out the 6 players in the box… but all you seen was DEVLIN DEVLIN DEVLIN :confused:

I love devlin, feel better?


The question people need to answer themselves is why did Sunderland target Devlin?

It wasn’t random.


Yeah because I really don’t see how you single him out on the first.

Fair enough Morris got brought up and was beaten too easily and you named him. Dobson inexplicably runs away from the second ball only to join the two centre halves that are so deep they are stood between the penalty spot and the six yard box and all of whom did nothing to stop the weak shot that got passed Liam Roberts.

Of all the people to blame there Nicky Devlin (the only one in that sequence to actually defend properly) is not one of them which is why i find it so astounding you brought him up.

For the second, Kieron Morris, again as you mentioned is beaten too easily. Devlin is actually marking the pull back, what is wrong with that? The ball in again is not dealt with, at least Liam Kinsella makes an attempt to close down the player, but other than that Martin and Guthrie are on their heels again and Roberts is beaten by another week effort.

Again, amazed his name was even brought up.


10/10 trolling.


It is harsh to mention devlin but its because him and morriss collectively failed.

The second goal - morris already has a man who passes infield to a player I feel devlin should of pressed and ordered morris to stay with his man, this didn’t happen and morris left his man to press infield, ball then went back out wide for a free cross, nicky devlin is out the game aswell as morris from one 5 yard pass.

for me devlin should of seen the threat along with morris with morris leaving his man to press a player devlin should of had… it resulted in a free cross which they scored from.

there was no trickery or amazing movement they were undone by a basic 5 yard give and go.


McGready on the left-wing was the best player on the pitch and the one Sunderland player who would genuinely appear to be playing below his level. As a right full-back Devlin was faced up with him - is that targeting or plain bad luck?


They weren’t though? They were both still in the game. Morris went with that man because he was closer? Devlin stuck on the man for the pull back. He never actually went passed either of them. Morris was just lackadaisical in the challenge and he got the ball across.

But yeah, whatever. it’s both of their faults because.


No to be fair he has a point here. Everything was going to Aiden Mcgeady and I thought at the time they were targetting him … but it’s not surprising Sunderland had 12 corners in the first half because he blocked nearly every Mcgeady cross. What an awful player.


not sure who’s calling him an awful player.

As mentioned there are plenty other players who were more culpable for us throwing it away.


But you blamed Devlin and Morris