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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Keates is still very naive with the press


The one thing we all expected from Keates was that we’d make life hard for the opposition .

That doesn’t appear to be going so well .


That is what worries me about Keates as it seems he has another 2 transfer window grace period. Yes we can sack off the defence etc and bring in improved players, however I’m not convinced that Keates or his back room staff have a plan as to what our style of play will be.


disgraceful defending seen better over silverdale on a sunday morning.


I think it shows the gulf between us and a very poor championship side if they had played any of about 10 other teams from our league today they wouldn’t have scored 5 goals. I think it would have been a different result if they had played pompey for Instance


For anyone that hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing the goals we conceded, may I take this opportunity to recommend their 4th. Speechless.


If they want to persist with DK long term, it has to accepted he is a risk due to inexperience

I would have thought a pragmatic solution would be for the club to get Sir Ray in or Nicholl to mentor/help/guide DK


Yes yes and yes


A real disappointment against a team that was there for the taking. First half Bolton looked like they didn’t want to be there, but with our terrible defence one never felt like enough.

Clayton Donaldson has troubled decent Walsall defences in the past so it’s no surprise he ran rings around these clowns.

What is Keates doing to address this? We are so easy to score against it’s just ■■■■ poor.

To end on a positive, Cook was great.


4 FA cup games in one season though …


‪“I want to put a team out there that can make the town proud.” Quote from Keates in the E & S on 19th March 2018. Discuss‬…


I’ve said it before,and been shot down for it…all these goals we’re giving away…Keates and his merry band of coaches are getting away with murder…they must take the blame,instead of hiding behind the players.


I worry Cook would jump at joining a team where his offensive efforts were matched defensively, should an offer come in…


What’s happened to the team that started the season, throwing themselves in the way of everything? All the bastardry?
I wrote further up the thread that our fragile defence would be the difference today. We are just ■■■■ at defending and it’s not just the defence.


Roberts - One ■■■■ flap. The rest he couldn’t do a lot about.

Leahy - crap.
Martin - crapper
Guthrie - sake as Martin
Devlin - crap

Jarvis - The guy is quality. Better defender than Leahy as well.
Dobbo - absolute waste of ■■■■■■■ space.
Kinsella - Put himself about but that’s it.
Zeli - Flashes of good play.

Cook - Made a menace of himself. Gets credit from me
Ferrier - Touch of a rapist. Constantly fouled with defenders in his back but nothing ever given

Subs had no impact.

First half we were good. Second half was defensively one of the worst displays of the season. It’s not the defence either it’s the entire team. They cannot defend as a unit. We need a complete overhaul.


I agree. Keates can’t make us difficult to beat. I’ve seen abysmal teams come to the bescot in the past and make it difficult. I’m sick of it only being the players fault. It’s a collective.


Defence leakier than our toilets.

Bonser Out now



And take the lot of them with him. So angry and upset by this result.


Well according to that interview on WM we have done a lot of talking. In addition we are more concerned that the 4th goal is a rolling ball…what about the other 4 we conceded…!