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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Doubtful, Jeff likes dosh and Bolton’s recent financial mess would put him off dealing with them.


Well if dunn aint good enough we need a keeper on loan. Roberts has lost it


Was thinking more in the summer as he would be ideal for them in league one. Did Cookie sign 1 or 2 year deal?


Saved £25 quid plus petrol costs from making the decision not to go after what I’ve witnessed the last few weeks, so every cloud has a silver lining!


All any team have to do is get it in the box especially from out wide and we seem to have no idea how to deal with it at all. Even if we get to the ball first it`s never cleared, just a scuff or a bounce off a leg which inevitably falls to an opposition player and they then gratefully show how it should be done.


Anyway, championship side or not that’s dreadful. Bolton are crap, and have been for some time.

But that was just embarrassing. Completely unacceptable to not even be able to defend the basics.


I’m really really beat down with this…

Makes me wonder how much longer I want to continue watching this hock, I bring around 5-8 friends at least every game, who have all converted into regular attendees down the Bescot.

I’m beginning to wonder why, and its no suprise that non of them are eager to come at the minute!

Absolute Bull****


Shambles. Top to bottom the whole club.

Actually were not a club really.


2 years


My son was against the appointment of Keates, saying it will be a disaster, unlike me, who thought he would do well. I’m beginning to think he might be right.


Yep that’s 17 in the last 5 games we literally do need to average 3 goals to get a point


How did Ismail play?


This was the kind of game that should have been perfect for us. Home team that are low in confidence, fans on their back, can’t score goals and then to go 1-0 up we should have seen it out. One of the worst defensive capitulations I have ever seen.


Didn’t notice him at all


He was the wrong person at the wrong time. Whitney had destroyed the club philosophy set in place by Smith and what we needed was someone to reinstate it. Instead we got a club legend to appease the fans


I too was going to go, but the recent form put me off.

3 weeks left of the transfer window, we’ve gotta sign a keeper and a centre half, but I don’t think that’ll solve our issues, it’s down to the way we play when we aint got the ball. It’s just too easy for opposition teams - we don’t close down, we don’t harry, we don’t win 2nd balls, we don’t win headers, there’s no cover either on the wings or in the middle. A soft underbelly is a massive understatement.

We’re also extremely poor when we have the ball - passes are scruffy, movement is nearly none existent, Dobson looks perpetually nackered.

I’m afraid we have very big problems, improved players will help, but for me it’s coming from our style (or lack of) of play more than our personnel.


Philosophy… how I miss those days when we operated like we had a clue what we were doing.


Yup, and I’ve never known us defensively that bad. I’ve known us shipping a couple of goals a game, but never 3 on average over a sustained period.


Would we be better of with 3-5-2 formation and going with the mentality of attack the best form of defence… :joy:


We are literally awful at everything, both on and off the pitch.