Bradford £5 Ticket Offer

Simple and announced weeks in advance - maybe they’re starting to listen.

Deserves backing.


Obviously I applaud this decision but why just the Homeserve Stand. Not all supporters, especially with young children, don’t want to sit in that stand. And hopefully Bradford fans will be allowed to take advantage of the offer too. The more the merrier.


I get what you mean. Perhaps an effort to generate more noise behind the goal and safeguard the other two stands, particularly the Community Stand, where kids and families tend to sit?

Agree any price drop should be extended to away supporters.


Gutted I can’t make this. Got to be backed - this deal can serve as tangible evidence that lower ticket prices = more attending. Get in touch with your mates - Saddlers or non Saddlers, spread the word and get people in.


Agreed…perhaps a small first step towards a new policy.




Agree should be a blanket price across the whole ground for this get as many in as possible not just try and pack one stand.

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If it is just the one stand does that mean we don’t have to extend the offer to Bradford fans. Probably the reason if so.

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There’s no chance at all of an offer like that being extended to away fans - let’s face it, they are the potential ‘cash cows’ of football and all home clubs exploit this position…

Great idea by the club for once ,I just wonder how much they will promote it?, I also wonder if the chunkster will make a long awaited appearance :thinking:


NO the chunkster will not :wink:

They’re even repainting the stadium!:paintbrush:

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Is it brown by any chance…

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This is a good start.

As others have said, it needs promoting properly. Communicating within the bubble of 500 or so fans who are active on social media isn’t enough.

Would love the end to be sold out. Makes a huge difference.


I suppose we could start by promoting it on the UTS facebook page, and sharing the link with Walsall Fans Dribble Down Your Chin.


The point is to promote it outside that circle who are already interested…get the casual fan in.

…and if we share on our Facebook page our regulars share amongst their friends. Likewise other sites. That’s what social media is about - going viral. Although I admit with Walsall we’d find it hard to catch a cold…

Yep let’s do the clubs job for them ha!

You seen what happens when the club uses Facebook? :rofl:

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Big screen overlooking the motorway , Radio Wm football phone in, Massi and the Express and star , Radio adds, their own social media daily plugs … there is so much the club could do if they really wanted!

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