Bradford £5 Ticket Offer


Fixed that for you.


People laugh but for instance I can guarantee if WM plugged the £5 deal it would make a difference, Massi could put a flyer in one of his WFC columns.

WFC on Twitter and Facebook should be posting daily reminders… and I don’t work in marketing :joy::joy:


Get Keates and the players doing a campaign calling for support?


It’s in the Excuse and Star


Better from the club. They need to go to town with the marketing for this… indeed, also literally.

We also need to turn up in numbers.


The Club are obviously doing this after suggestions from UTS , and have done it early rather than 24 hours before the game is due to kick off like the last offer .

Are they beginning to think on their feet or is it just being done to save getting more stick on here ?

Surely they should be thinking like this all the time , and trying to promote the Club , trying to increase the fan base at every opportunity .

I hope this is not a knee jerk reaction to UTS suggestions of special offers , and advertising them early , and that this proactivity will not peter out after the dust has settled.

Surely if the Club cared , and were bothered about increasing the support they should be doing things like this all the time ?

This is not knocking the Club as this is exactly the sort of thing we have been asking for , just hope it is them learning , and is the start of better things to come from them .


To be fair the club did it last year against Northampton but it is good move.


agreed but that one was right down to the wire , that was proper ■■■■ or bust time


The only thing I want from them is bonzo and co GONE :wink: all offers do is keep fans happy so that they can keep the gravy train rolling.


I did suggest the start of better things to come …:wink:


IF it meant that, then yes i and many others would be able to support our football club again hopefully in the knowledge that it is a football club for the people of walsall to feel part of again. Instead of just funding some ■■■■■ lifestyle :wink:


Why do they not get 500 posters done pay someone a days pay to go and get this offer in every paper shop wondow on every estate in Walsall and in lots of the town centre shops . So everybody knows it’s fiver a ticket. Might even get a few new fans come and watch.


I agree with you. As I’ve mentioned in other posts on this site, it’s clear that the club do little but react to circumstances as they arise rather than actually think into the future and plan. In a well run organisation there would never be a situation where a vocal bunch of fans on an online forum are having this much influence over the reactionary things the club seem to doing. It sounds silly, but I don’t believe a well run club would actually need to listen to any of the issues raised within the ‘Luton, Bournemouth, Rotherham’ section of the forum like toilets, ticket prices, attracting fans, Bonser’s exit - they wouldn’t NEED to listen at all because it would all be taken care of as a ‘given’ and none of those issues would have ever arisen in the first place.

Unfortunately, that such organisation isn’t currently present at Walsall FC. I’ll applaud them now for saving many supporters £15+ for that game and I’d encourage as many fans as can make it to get down there and attend the game. It’s vital to try and get as many casuals in as possible and build the fanbase. But at the same time, I’m incredibly wary of the fact that this is another ‘appoint a fan legend as manager during the early-birds’ style tactic to temporarily stave off the pitchfork-wielding hoards (as they see us). It won’t fool me, it won’t alter the need for change at the club at the top, and it shouldn’t affect the protests. That’s my view anyway.


But what protests? Much as I, and many others, applaud the good work being done behind the scenes by WSC, it all seems a little bit ‘late in the day’ to have any effect at all. By the time we eventually react to yet another letter, the response being conveniently dragged out with yet another pointless meeting, the contents of which are totally ignored by Whalley and the guvnor, resulting appropriate action will fizzle out like our season. Just an opinion.


We should all be together on this , and make sure it doesn’t just fizzle out this time .


A week since this was announced, I’ve not seen any further marketing on this from the club. Nothing on social media, no mentions at the game last night. They even announced tickets were on sale for Bradford at half time and didn’t say it was a fiver!!?!? Do they not want to sell any tickets??


It’s not just about this season. The protests when we manage to get them up and running properly should run a lot longer than this season.


To be fair they have made an effort to advertise this offer in my opinion it’s even on all the advertising screens outside the ground. 100s of thousands pass the m6 every day


Good offer and at least they got it out there early but unless things pick up before then I wouldn’t want to pay a fiver to watch a repeat of recent times!


And just under the M6 and over the road a £1000 a day also passes.