Bradford Banker

Not that I advocate gambling but the sure bet for next weekend has to be a Home win with Andy Cook scoring.

Bet responsibly.

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Forget that, it’s a dead cert, stick your next month’s bill money on it!


Well I didn’t like to say :joy::joy:

One of our ex players scoring against us would be very Walsall.

But equally a completely unexpected 1-0 win after the dross yesterday would also be very Walsall.


We played them off the park at their place last season and still found a way to lose.

I don’t hold out much hope but I guess you never know.

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We don’t have much luck at Bradford and even though we were the better side last season at their place we lost.
As to Cook the stick our fans give him is more than enough to fire him up.

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Been a few times over the years and can’t remember us doing too well. Last time was two seasons ago with ‘that’ red card by labadie :man_facepalming:
Going again next week but don’t hold out much hope and am actually more looking forward to popping up to saltaire afterwards for some nice beers!!

Strange things can happen in football. But we really might struggle at the back. Of the centre backs we had, Hussey has gone, the Priest is out for the foreseeable, McEntee may also be out for a while, Allen is suspended, probably for three and Menayese is also weeks, if not months, away. And I think David O is also injured. Even Comley, who has played there, is injured.

Assuming Daniels is fit, it almost has to be a flat back four with him and Williams, unless we sign someone, who would almost certainly not be match fit anyway.

If it is Williams and DD, then Foulkes should be RB, possibly Riley, but not Knowles. With 4132, Stirk is the one, Hutch, Tierney and Knowles, with Draper and one of Tierney/Johnson.

If we cannot defend, we have to attack.

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As Wiltshire would say “ Lump on “


Is Tierney a twin then, like Adam and James Chambers? :laughing:

Wrongly assumed that this thread was about another of KingCrod’s friends.


I thought it was just about Andy Cook but spelt wrong :joy:


The only hope that I’m clinging to is that whenever the pressure on Sadler has increased, he’s been able to get a win that calms things down for a couple of weeks until the pressure builds again.

We need Bernie Wright to do what he used to do and cripple Cook and we might stand a chance.

Cook is a somewhat prophetic name for a gentleman of his well-fed proportions.

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I was with an ex team mate of Andy Cooks only a few months ago from their time at Mansfield together. He confirmed to me that Cook loves the beer!! Fair play though he knows where the back of the net is!

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Can’t deny that. Just getting the insults in early before he inevitably shushes us after belly-bouncing in his third. :grin:

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One of the things that attracted me to mrs chunk was the fact she said she liked a beer
Turns out she actually meant De Beers :joy:


Sort of catalogue of ‘no hope’ in a paragraph.
Up until Saturday Bradford had not been ‘on fire’, however they stunned Newport, I think a loss is a foregone conclusion, as someone above mentioned Cook will be overjoyed to ‘stick it’ to us and will enjoy taunting those of us who will regrettably be there, as he probably scores another hat trick. And of course Sadler will have Matt up front (should we ever get past the half way line) again, with DJ getting the usual splinters until the 89th minute.
Can imagine the betting odds will be 1/100 on for a Bradford win, so hardly worth trying to win a few bob out of the occasion!

I was thinking… If Sadler does insist on 352 and sticks a striker such as Matt in the back 3 then maybe this could work to our advantage… Have our striker shadow Cook so that they can learn how they are supposed to do their job :stuck_out_tongue: