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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


Stats for the first half show that we’ve had more attacks, more shots, and more actually on target (than Bradford City) - so we seem to be in with a chance of rescuing this game. I wonder whether Dean Keates is going to bring about an early 2nd half substitution?


The first from Leahy was sumbline, the kind of cross Cook screams for.

Frustrating to see him not score either of the two as they were the kind of balls into the box he’s thrived on at Tranmere.

I’ve seen enough to suggest we can get back into this but a second Bradford goal would finish us off.


Sunderland 2 Bristol Rovers 1

Fleetwood Town 1 Burton Albion 0 (Fleetwood now above us on goal difference as things stand)


Oh dear … 2-0 I’m afraid


No other word other than shocking.

Still time to come back but we’ve given ourselves a ladder to climb now.

Crap. Time to carry on with Xmas shopping and forget today happened.


That was difficult to watch.


I’d get Ronan on for Osbourne.


I’d start Ronan ahead of Osbourne…

Coventry City 0 Luton Town 2

Sloppies 2 Posh 1


This what happens when you don’t take chances…I think I would look for another striker in January!!!


Osborne has had it (weak link):grimacing:


Osbourne is dog ■■■■


…at least that’s not as high as a mountain …:wink: :grinning:


3-0 would you believe???

Time for some fresh legs surely - nothing to lose at this stage.

Walsall substitution as we speak …


Keates said in the E&S that he sees what Osbourne does well but he can’t seem to pass the ball in the last 10 minutes. There was a moment we were breaking and Osbourne just couldn’t get the ball up the pitch, then a couple of times passing to a Bradford player. I’ve been patient with him but he’s got to come off.


thank you and goodnight


And to think I was expecting us to improve our poor goal difference today. Ronan comes on but too late.


Might as well go to sleep now. (It’s after midnight here.)


Subs are Ronan and Ferrier on for Morris and Gordon. Osbourne stays on … why??

Ginnelly yellow-carded


I’ve been trying to explain for week and weeks that this defensive is not good enough.

The full backs aren’t good enough. The centre half pairing is not good enough.

Get rid of them all and start again.


You’ll wake up to the news that Cook scored 4 in the last 5 minutes to win the game Pete…:grin: