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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


Bummer. :disappointed_relieved:It seems from the stats that we have almost matched them in every department, at least up to the second goal. We are paying the price at missing gilt-edged opportunities. Ah, well, I get the impression Coventry could have put it to bed against us but failed to capitalise and ultimately paid the price. The only hope now is that the never-give-up fighting spirit that has served us well from time to time this season will kick in and enable us to get 2 goals in 2 minutes stoppage time - again (but I ain’t holding my breath or anything else for that matter) :anguished: Oops. That should read 3 goals in two minutes. Feck me.


They’re queuing up to score the 4th now.


Getting embarrassing now - they are absolutely killing us!


‘Winger allowed to get their cross again in too easily for the third’

‘First goal comes from the left side and a cross’

I haven’t seen the goals yet, but I am going to put money on more crap defending out wide.



I take it back regarding Ronan, just seen him back out of a 50/50, ■■■■■■■ not good enough.


Rochdale 1 Plymouth Argyle 2

Southend Utd 3 Accrington Stanley 0

Barnsley 1 Portsmouth 1


…it’s about time you put that christmas sherry away for today mate …:rofl:


Topsy turvey season we’m having. Beat Sunderland, hammered by Bratfud. Blooody hell.


He’s not playing that bad. Few passes exchanges were quite nice, I’ve seen few worse games, when he didn’t look to be bothered. Team, on the other hand, is not playing well, unfortunately. Way too many misplaced passes.


Classic Walsall.


Proud against the mackems .Embarrassed against the bantams


As poor as Bradford have been this season I suppose we all knew deep down a good result at Valley Parade was unlikely.


Yes, but did we honestly expect 4-0 ???


Well at least we haven’t been bullied, just outplayed


Did we expect it 2 years ago?


Surprise surprise, 4th goal comes following a cross from the byline.

Get ■■■■■■■ rid of them.


No ■■■■■■■■ today the gutless ■■■■■■■


shocking …


… and the alternatives are?


Sloppies 2 Posh 2 (85 min)