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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


Get rid of them and get some proper full backs in, and another centre half. Absolute ■■■■■■■ dross.


… namely?


Utterly embarrassing.


What are you on about ? There are tens of good full backs out there - on much less money that would dramatically improve this side.


If there are “tens” of good full backs out there, it should be fairly easy for you to name a couple.


What a great result!
There, positive enough for you all this week?
Glad myself & Hull didn’t make the effort!
What a shocking embarrassment, I mentioned some time ago that Bradford would lift themselves off the bottom at our expense and was almost castrated for suggesting such a thing, however I didn’t expect the ‘usual’ result against Bradford, back to the bad old days I’m afraid.
Our minus goal difference is now appallingly the sixth worse in the Division.


Feel sorry for the brave soul’s that went today to witness that


Do you seriously think Devlin and Leahy are the best we can do? are you telling me there isn’t possibly one player that could do better than them?

Ridiculous question.


Had a bad feeling about this game. Big team Bradford, only a matter of time before their fortunes changed and Valley Parade is usually a bad hunting ground for us. I didn’t expect a 4-0 thrashing though. :slightly_frowning_face:


As usual an embarrassment of over reaction on here…Ok we lost but at HT we were described on here and elsewhere as the better team. Obviously we had a poor second half but teams get those from time to time.

As for our defence it isn’t just the back four who are responsible. We should defend as a team but I will say that since Martin replaced Fitzwater our defensive record has been worse. Hopefully we will have Dobson and Ismail back next week for a really tough game at Peterborough. UTS


Not a clue where ladder came from :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sorry but you were never the better team.


Hardly an overreaction losing 4-0 to bottom of the league! Every single player was well below parr today and they need to be made aware of that, but we go again next week.


Terrible result. I demand to be reimbursed a) my money and b) my time, even though I didn’t actually go and b) isn’t actually possible.


Looks like we’ve gone back to being relegation certainties with the worst defensive pairing in the history of mankind. Again.

That was quick. Again. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Impossible to deny that we’ve gone downhill at the back since Keates’ mate Martin came in. Fitzwater has to return to the line up. I don’t think having narrow full backs works. I see this just as much Keates’ fault as it is the players because he obviously tells them to do that.

We won’t go down though.


Looks like Dean agrees with me…

He’s gone mad at the players - and said some are playing for their futures. Now, I doubt he means any of the new signings…

So who does he mean?

Osbourne (?)



■■■■ off


Probably not Leahy considering he was captain and won the game for us last week you ■■■■■■■ melon


Really intelligent.

What a plonka.