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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm




No one expects you to be positive after a result like that.

Just not before the games even started.

A month ago you said the next four games were pointless even following. We lost one and the replay we took Sunderland too we won.


U ok hun?



Fine haha.


We’ve got some fans who have some strange logic and understanding of words. Wowzers.


And some fans that can’t get past there preconceptions


You mean being correct :slight_smile:

You’ll notice from the post you get very aggressive about, it was a simple question on the back of the managers post game comments.

I guess your reaction was due to working out I was possibly right, but that’s ok hun.

Who else do you think Dean was on about ?


No I don’t.

“Aggressive” because it’s the same old boring bullshit.


Well thought out response. 1/10.


Same as your opinions


To be honest he could have meant any of the team after that performance


hopefully most of them after that spineless performance today.


Absolutely - but given the defence is what’s costing us - it doesn’t take a genius to work out who he means.

The fact people rate Leahy and Devlin speaks volumes. I bet you sit in the floors to go lower n all.


Eg ■■■■■■■ zactly


Not Leahy. And I know that cos I’m a genius.


And that’s why you’re opinions are embarrassing.


If you say so cocka.


Leahy :joy::joy::joy:

Christ almighty.


You wot?


Posh are in a poor(ish) run of form at the moment (compared with earlier in the season), so I’m not hopeful about our chances there either :anguished: