Bradford City (A) Tue 20th Oct, 7.45pm

Careful what you wish for…I am scarred for life after watching us being humiliated 8-1 at Blundell Park (Bolton’s old ground) all those years ago.
The Macclesfield 7-0 made up for it a little some years later though.
Like Belph puts it, Bradford is a difficult game to call, they somehow seem to look forward to playing us (lets hope that doesn’t read ‘off the field’!).

Happy with a point from this game although 3 would take us right up there and give us even more confidence than we have already.

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I’d like to see us set up with a 352 for this game give mcdonald Norman kinsella a rest, bring in bates white and jules and change Sinclair for Guthrie, and lavery for paddy. Got a feeling our long unbeaten run will come to an end i hate playing bradford. Bradford to win 1.0 hope I’m wrong.


No wonder we lost 8-1 to Bolton if we turned up at Grimsby’s ground. How did we manage the 1 from there? :wink:

Actually i remember it well, a 90th minute screamer from Lee Sinnott,


We lost 8-1 to Bolton, and a couple of weeks later managed to lose 6-3 at Oxford. Imagine that nowadays, this site would have melted. :laughing: Got hammered 4-0 in the F A Cup and 3-0 at Swindon in the Associate Members Cup as well. Did that Buckley chap have any clue as to what he was doing? :crazy_face:

I still can’t get over our last visit in Dec 2018 when we played the worst i’ve seen in recent years and we got hammered 4-0.
Any result win or draw to exorcise that from my memory would be absolutely great. UTS

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I think we might lose this one unfortunately, never a happy hunting ground.

I also believe we still lack the fire power to win these type of fixtures. Either way fingers crossed UTS!

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Can’t remember the last time we got a good result here, all that sticks out are 0-0 draws and that 4-0 hammering

Think there’ll be goals in this one again with a winner either way but can’t call it

The 1.1 draw with oztumer’s goal that mathematically confirmed our safety.
Would settle for the same score tonight.

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I missed that one, on my way but got stuck on the M62 in a gridlock at Worsley, still in the same spot at 8 'o clock, eventually got to the next junction where I decided to turn back. Which was strange because many who had gone in the same direction had not been held up… must have started out earlier, which is great if you ain’t working of course!

Sorry, wrong ground name of course, don’t remember our ‘goal’ being like that…didn’t the Bolton players stand aside and let us tap in a consolation in the last few minutes? Or was I that traumatised by the affair that this was my imagination?

Last win was actually pretty recent, 2014 with two Craig Westcarr goals in one of the Smith seasons.

Luckily I’ve managed to avoid the 4-0 massacres. Went one year when Hiwula scored in a 1-1. Made the mistake of following the home fans walking to the ground from the centre and thought I was climbing Everest with the odd terrain it has for about 15 minutes
. Even more annoyed when I was saying that to a fan sitting near me and he said it was only a quick 5 minute walk down the hill to Foster Square station and so it was.

One of those away trips you just tick off I think.


I sometimes wonder why we have these conundrums of never getting a good result at certain grounds? when you think that by the next time you play them, you could have two totally different teams with two totally different managers :thinking: there are so many differences that come into play, why on earth would we not come away with a totally different outcome? the mind boggles, the one thing i do believe is i think that we will get something from the game, but that will be down to whichever team he picks.

Really hoping we get a win and a few goals… be interesting to see what the forwards are like that we signed

I remember a game when Matty Etherington tore us to shreds. 2001? Not sure what the score was, but he was class, in stark contrast to many of the loans Paul Taylor was lumbering us with.

We won there in 02-03, Ian Roper gave a masterclass in how to defend. Carl Robinson scored for us. There was a dismal Christmas time performance under Merson which should have been his final game in charge but he clung on for a while longer.
Everything else has faded from my memory, although I know I’m in double figures for trips there. Did we lose there early season after the Nicholl promotion on a Tuesday night? Another Tuesday night, early 80s, my first visit, goodness knows what the result was.

I had to go to Bradford a few months ago to have the roof repaired on my cabby, the architecture is lovely, some of the old buildings are gorgeous, however the place is an absolute dump.


An ex coach of ours told me that he sensed the players freeze as they saw the height of Bradford’s main stand.


I’ve only been there once.
We won 1-0.
Ian Paul.

Following season, wasn’t there but yes, won with an Ian Paul goal.

I’ve always thought that, it’s as if they have the right to win because they have a big ground and usually have money to spend on decent players (which they do regularly), our players sometimes appear overawed.

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