Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


How am I supposed to get to sleep after that?!! (01.14 HKT)


I fully agree - a performance like that could be the catalyst for us to gain some momentum and stay up. I must admit, I didn’t see that performance coming after last week’s capitulation against Coventry. So pleased for Keates and the boys!! UTS


Im the first to admit ive given Gordon some stick over the season but he was like a different player today. Simply superb and deserved to be MOTM


Bet you are glad she got you the 5 pound ticket to go now!


No coincidence that Gordon puts in a shift like that after Cook went off. We started playing the flanks and not relying on the long punt. Need to revisit our attacking focus, and I guess we have three games to do that.

The hands on ears celebration is ridiculous though.


Great fighting spirit today . Martin o Connor was a big factor in that from the sidelines great to see . I asked you to make us proud. Me and my family have certainly walked away feeling proud to be saddlers today . Big well done boys great effort :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: UTS


Ironically it was the Martín O’Connor thread that sparked the Kelly Brook joke. What difference he brought if that was the catalyst for this performance.


What an afternoon ! Makes it all worthwhile when you get days like that .

Superb commitment and passion . Not afraid to receive the ball , NOT just long hoof to Cook ( obviously)

Standing ovations for tackles , goalmouth scrambled ending well for a change , players and fans together .

WOW what a difference a week makes


Thanks to all the lads had a good day in sunny Spain made great with this result.


What a turnaround after five minutes thinking why I bothered! Delighted to watch a team with some Passion put a performance in!!! Fingers crossed now that we can use this and put a run together and perform like that on a consistent basis! I feel a lot more optimistic :+1: UTS :red_circle:


I posted some time ago that I liked Gordon but him and Cookie were not a partnership.
Be interesting to see how we go without the monster while he is suspended

Don’t blame Kents for leaving him out recently though as he was struggling.


So after all the January transfer activity we start with Devlin, Leahy and Guthrie. New contracts anyone?


I thought Jarvis was superb today.


MOC made a huge difference on the touchline for me.


That got the adrenalin pumping… hairs on the back of standing up !! MESSAGE TO OUR PLAYERS… Show that fight and spirit for the rest of the season and relegation will soon seem like a distant memory… you did us proud.


Excellent performance from all the players. Well done lads…lets hope the confidence the result will bring will see us safe. I would have given them all man of the match except Cook!!!


That was an imense performance and we just need 4 more like that now to reach 50 pts.

Gordon was exactly what we needed. Movement from a striker, offering an outlet into the corners. We scored 2 very good team goals today and having a striker to play the ball into a run off was the catalyst for those goals.

Gordon has had his critics, hence the celebration but I’ve always thought he had something and needed games. He’s definitely more of a focal point striker but playing with Cook he’s had to be a different player and its not suited his game. It was a pleasure watching that today.

On another note, O’Connor spent the entire match coaching the team and even looked like he was coaching Keates and Davies at times. Looks like a very good addition.


MOC was almost dragging them around the pitch vocally. He was excellent and exactly what we need.


I know you have been given some grief for your views on how we plan our style of play around Cook and have some sympathy for you opinion.
Now we have to play a different tactic for the next three games so will be interesting to see how it pans out.


Roberts… back to his best
Devlin… Typical heart on sleeve performace with some tidy tackles.
Leahy… Fairly solid today i thought
Guthrie… much better second half, looked like he had a knock or two.
Scarr… looked a little nervous but grew into the game, lets give him time.
Ismail… More like it Zeli , clever with the ball
Kinsella… player of season contender on that performace ???
Edwards… Fit as a butchers dog, Took goal very well, he made it look easier than it was.
Cook… have to see the replay tbh
Gordon… is this the day josh turned from boy to man after a MOTM performance

UTS !!!