Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Martian in:wink:


I love MOC and what a performance. But let’s not be taking credit away from Keates for that. Cook and Devlin have both come out this week and said the players owe him and want to succeed for him. I definitely saw that today.


Roberts - Looked nervous first half. Superb second half.

Back 4 - Like Roberts they looked nervous first half. Couple of occasions Bradford just walked trough us. Second half they were all immense. Scarr is excellent at winning headers but seems like he’s too eager to please us and gave away a few sloppy passes. He needs to settle down a bit.

Kinsella - Typical Kinsella really. Didn’t really do much on the ball but buzzed around and worked his arse off.

Edwards - Superb. Worked his arse off.

Jarvis - Made things out of nothing. He’s an excellent player at this level. Worked hard too.

Ismail - Worked his arse off, something you don’t usually associate with him.

Cook - Deserved the red.

Gordon - The performance of the season. Played like two men. Tracked back with some fantastic tackles (which the ref punished us for. He was awful) and looked absolutely shagged bear the end. An awesome performance. Potentially a career defining display.


Osbourne - Pretty solid but didn’t have a lot of time.

Dobbo - Same as Osbourne.

Oteh - Didn’t really do a lot.


Joking apart, we play better football without cookie in the side because the easy option is not available


Yeah good to see MOC getting stuck into the game​:grinning: from the touchline… Not going to slag off Davies for not being so animated because he may just be more of a thinker than shouter… so they may just compliment each other… Kind of Good Cop Bad Cop scenario ??? Just a thought :thinking::thinking:


I thought Jarvis had a very good game :grinning:


Good cop got a yellow card :wink:


Forgot Jarvis lol… His experience and guile showed today.


The header from Jarvis that hit the post/crossbar before Edwards scored was an absolutely mamouth header.


I agree. I doubt if we would have won that game without Martin O’Connor on the touchline.

While O’Connor was constantly supporting, encouraging, advising, admonishing and lifting the players, Keates was as usual spending his time sullenly watching or chewing the ears off the fourth official.

I have not called for Keates to be sacked, but after today I would not be sorry if he were.


Bit harsh after that performance mate


Agreed… Deano has took plenty of flak and rightly so these past few months so lets give Deano his staff and the players some credit tonight.


Harsh. MOC made a big difference but Keates is still the decision maker. They all deserve a pat on the back today


Praise of Jarvis is spot on. When Cook was sent off he was the one calling for focus, after each goal he was either calling for calm or for the next big push. Plus he worked so hard. For a bloke on loan he puts everything in, absolute asset.


Superb win lads - great effort

I didn’t go and am happy with my decision not too but gotta admit I’d have loved to have been there at the final whistle

Let’s hope this is a springboard to improved confidence and performances for the run in - we’ll need all the help we can get


We have all seen far too many matches this season when Walsall have gone a goal down and seen nothing at all from the Walsall bench. Keates never seems to have anything to say to the players during the match, even when they come across for a drink during an injury break he is more likely to be talking to the fourth official than encouraging his team, or giving them instructions.

The players needed a boost today when they were left with ten men and a goal down, and fortunately MO’C was there to provide it, because Keates would not have done.


Typical Walsall fans.

Moaning about the manager when we win a game like that. It’s like reading Walsall fans have your say.


What’s this?10 men coming off and leaving nothing on the pitch?

Welcome back M O C

Dan Scarr makes matt Preston look like Baresi but there’s a certain bit of Andy butler about him that’s been missing with Guthrie


■■■■ me you were only joking i’ve been in the upper looking for her for hours , and i’ve only just got home .

All joking apart what a battling performance today , defenders throwing themselves in front of shots again like we’d seen in the opening few games , Jarvis , and Gordan ran till they were ready to drop , Roberts showed why we began to think he was going to be another brilliant keeper with some outstanding saves etc etc

Everyone of them today played like their lives depended on it , and it was good to see but they must remember it’s got to be like this now every game right till the end or we’ll still be in the smelly stuff.

P.S every time we sat back again defending too deep my heart went in my mouth just waiting for them to score , surely the manager and coaches have got to try , and stop them sitting back when it’s pretty obvious we had them on the ropes when we pushed forward even with ten men


Great performance from Gordon today . Can’t help but be slightly annoyed by the cuffing of the ears when he scored tho . Players take to social media and listen to what’s been said . You have to take criticism when you play badly and credit when you play well. No need for all these signs to supporters. Weather players like it or not … it’s part of modern day football now .afterall it’s the fans who pay his wages.