Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Fair play, i stayed in the pub and didn’t go but at least they dug in for a change. Nice to see/ hear the modern footballer still has a chip on his shoulder.

Maybe Cooks suspension will allow us to explore a different way of playing, it might do us some good.

Long way to go yet, bit early to be talking about cup finals. After the lord mayors show and all that.


Red card was the correct decision so I’m not using this as an excuse, but how can that ref be fit to be a professional by the way? Ridiculously overweight. How does he even keep up with play?

The standard of refs in this league is staggering.


Great battling second half performance. Thought they were running rings around us first half and we just let them pass it around us far too much but yeah that second half is what we need more of.

As for the red, correct decision and it has been coming. Been going in strong with his elbows for a few weeks now.

If that second half performance doesn’t give us the boost needed against a midtable side in Burton with nothing to play for then nothing will.



Exactly what many hoped DK would do.


Hopkin gone then… if at 3.12pm on saturday afternoon with us 1-0 down and Cook having an early bath… knowing one of the two managers would get the bullit after the game then i think we would have all thought it would be Deano getting his p45 this morning !! Funny old game.



Really impressive. What a contrast to the dire video posted of us hoofing aimlessly upfield at the Coventry game.


Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Just what we needed to get back to doing, and supporters will get behind any team/players that shows that spirit. Not sure what to make of some of the players’ social media stuff, ear cupping etc in recent weeks. What they need to understand, quite simply, is that if they show that effort and commitment they will get 100% backing, because its all most of us want to see from them.


Gordon states he wasn’t having a go at fans


It is stupid - he’s been back 5 minutes and all of a sudden he’s made this massive difference?! Just ridiculous to make a judgement on this basis.

Bit like seeing a triallist play once who has no experience of open age football and thinking we should sign him immediately. How is your mate Tom doing at AFC Flyde?!


Okay mate :joy:

All I’m saying is I don’t think it’s stupid.

And I couldn’t care less to be honest. Based on what I saw I liked the guy. How is that relevant :joy::man_shrugging:t2:

Stop trying to start something. I’ve learnt not to bite so rather than be all condescending and edgy just treat people with a bit of respect. Your condescending nature is what caused our original disagreements.


Looked like he was having a competition with their manager in fact it looked like he’d eat him


It is patently obvious that MOC made a big difference on Saturday.

Week after week we have watched the same players lack energy and purpose. In the army they talk a lot about morale, and you hear a lot of talks that say that when morale is poor the troops are unlikely to do their best. In fact it is the same in most walks of life, if you are in a challenging job and your morale is low your performance will suffer.

The team did not suddenly become better footballers on Saturday, but they did show a great deal more self-belief and determination. Adding MOC to the staff worked for that match, and changed the whole attitude of the team, but there is no guarantee that this effect will continue.

When he was here before with Hutchings O’Connor was unpopular with many in the squad and regarded as being too aggressive and negative when things were going wrong. So it could be that this will just be a one-off, and even rebound badly if we lose our forthcoming tough fixtures, or perhaps it will be the turn around that our season needs. Time will tell.


A winner will always respond in a negative manner to defeat … only a snowflake would find that an issue.