Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Well that win has lifted my spirits this weekend. Pleased for Gordon who produced when he needed to. A pity for Cook, but perhaps this will lead to us mixing our play on a more regular basis and making us less reliant on one player, which we’ll have to do anyway now due to suspension. Great to see Roberts back on form too and Edwards reacting well to head in the second.

Home games against Bradford tend to be decent, fighting back from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 last season.

Get something at Burton and we may have a chance to stay up.


Regards the difference O’Connor made, I’d take that as a positive. If Keates has recognised aspects of himself that are weak or arn’t working and he’s brought in a member of his team to make up for that then that’s good management. Even some of the greatest managers needed trusted side-kicks, Cloughie for example. Still a long way to go, but I’m a great believer in back to back wins changing everything in a relegation scrap, and we have that opportunity now.


I agree, let’s not forget the impact O’Kelly has on Smith.

It may work for O’Connor to not have the final say on signings etc and just be a coach. From what I saw from the advice he was giving to Keates and the Players he would be a great asset to be on the players side and just coach them. Let Keates take the flack for the decisions.


I caught your post before you withdrew it. I have no problem with your stance and admire you for sticking to your principles.


Does anyone have extended highlights? Would love to see some of the heroic defending at the end again


Happy we won yesterday as always - never fails to bring a smile to my face.

However yesterday was the second Saturday in a row I didn’t even check the score until on the night. Funkshit The Pan has officially checked out…

I’m not the only one either - 4600 when its a fiver in is appalling.


Just got back home after spending the following morning looking up old friends.
Cannot believe yesterday, I am hoarse, never shouted so much since the play off final or that massive 3-2 come back against Gillingham.
What a contrast with yesterdays performance when compared to the dire 5 defeats in a row that had been forced upon us all.
When Cookie got sent off and Bradford headed into an empty net within the regulation first 10 minutes we all thought ah well here we go again. But not so, we had ten men, some short on ability admitted, but my god they put in a performance of immense courage fight and determination. The bodies on the line stuff, and numerous magnificent saves from Roberts towards the end of the match as Bradford pressed forward their numerical advantage got the nerves gangling once again, it has seemed so long…Could MOC’s influence have been a catalyst to this improved desire and commitment?
Overall a magnificent wonderful day, when supporting the Saddlers became great again, not enjoyed a day at Bescot so much for a very long time, lets hope this is the start of a REAL fight to stave off relegation!
Only minus point, was to be told I was in someone’s seat five minutes after the game had started, as 3 young teenagers took their seats and spent the entire game rarely looking up whilst fiddling with their phones!


Don’t post much on here but I did post on Thursday saying that I thought this game was make or break and we should all put aside the finger pointing and blame game and back the lads for 90 minutes. I must admit after the first 12 minutes it was hard to see any hope. But to be fair to the management, the players and essentially the fans we all stuck together, carried on doing what we were doing and the players fought and fought and fought. As close to a miracle as I’ve seen. To score 1 goal with 10 is unusual for us to score 3 is incredible . We now have a lifeline, we have hope but it won’t be easy. Keep getting behind the lads


My voice went too. Sign of a good game!:grinning:


This is brilliant:

Check out @ellis_platten’s Tweet:


Unbelievable that they chose to come and see us yesterday of all days. Thanks for the link


It was a great day; certainly got the blood pumping and brought a tear to my eye at the end. Been a VERY long time since I felt like that leaving the Banks’s.

Not getting carried away because we know Bradford should have won the game easily and certainly it would be utter stupidity to put the change of attitude down to MOC - it’s one single 90 minutesof football after all.

The Manager should still leave the Club, there is no question about it.


Hope everyone is pumped now to back their team , make sure you’re all booked up for Burton away saturday to make a big noise there and pull our team through again


Excellent watch. They really seemed to enjoy it!


And how uncanny they get pulled out the crowd by " the pride of the midland’s , the super saddlers " himself .

They even sounded local accent wise …


He said at the start something like ‘it feels like coming home’. May well be a local connection (CBA to research it).


I don’t think it’s stupid to suggest he had an influence on the performance yesterday though. You only had to watch him on the touchline. Exactly what we’ve needed.


The club should be watching their matchday experience and marketing this to attract new fans. If these 2 can enjoy it, with no connection to the club and low expectations before the game, then there is no reason others cant too. I know saturday was an ideal game to attend but the club need learn from this and see the potential.


Afterall a drop in attendances means a drop in expectations for the club the fans and certainly the players who would not get away with sub standard performances and effort if we had 6000-6500 there week in week out.


Should also add I have been pleased and pleasantly surprised by the club in the last couple of weeks as regards to trying to make us a better football club and listening to supporters. Just hope they continue this effort and positivity as it can can only reap rewards in the years to come UTS