Bradshaw sell on

Hot on the heels of the 5 year wait for Deeney to leave Watford…Tom Bradshaw apparently has Championship clubs queuing up to sign him, and with a year left on his contract that should mean a fee, and according to this Walsall FC: Tom Bradshaw completes Barnsley move | Express & Star

Some dosh for us.

Strange how he wants to leave such a “massive club”.
Funny club Barnsley.


Would imagine the sell on to be 20% of any proffit. If rumours regarding the fee paid to us and the one Barnsley are seeking are true, then we’re looking at 80k. 40k into the playing budget, that’s around £780 a week towards a players wage.

Mole confirmed on Twitter that there was a privacy clause around the sell on , so I guess we will never no!

As @N4TH4N said, I think 20% of profit will be pretty close to the mark.

But that’s a dangerous assumption … it could well be nothing.

How on earth would there be a private sell on clause of nothing

Well exactly , its private. So there may well not be one as much as its 20%. We will never know.

Then there just wouldn’t be one? Surely?

We don’t know its private :wink:

Mole said there was a ‘Confidentiality clause’ within the agreement which would suggest to me that there is a sell on clause of some kind.

ye I am messing , problem is if people automatically presume its 20% without proof then we will have the same old where’s the money gone issue.

True. We will have that anyway cos Keates probably won’t see a penny whatever the clause is.

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Moles reply to you was a bit arsey wasnt it :joy:

Mate , I had to bite my tongue and not reply… I wasn’t long back from being away from home myself (work) . I also have two kids so fully understand the pressures. It was a very simple Tweet meaning no harm.

I think if truth be known the Tweet hit a nerve :slight_smile:

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I’m still wondering where the money went from the original fee two years ago!

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Yep, defiantly hit a nerve! Maybe because we may ask where the original transfer fee went?

Maybe cos he’s bored ****less of answering the same questions, when those asking the questions know full well no money would ever be put back in to the team.

Phil the question was , is there a sell on clause? nothing to do with where’s the money gone!

Seems fair enough to me.

No idea if there is sell on clause or not but it makes no difference if any money comes in it will just disappear as normal.

Hopefully some form of explanation in the next set of accounts. I guess its gone towards JB’s loan repayments or spent on the anti tatter barriers and fencing.

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