Brandon Comley signs

Midfielder from Bolton on a two year deal

Defensive midfielder? Really?

Disappointing signing

Decent player
Not what we needed
Similar to kinsella and labadie so imo waste unless one of those 2 are leaving

Kinsella insurance with labadie being broken I suspect

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And Perry

Seems they rated him on the D&R forum after a quick skim through.

COMLEY - Retain if possible but I expect him to depart having used us as a stepping stone.

Maybe Labadie’s days are done with MF?

Scored an amazing 2 career goals by the age of 26.
Where does this leave perry?
Are we going to play hard to beat but boring football based on who we have signed?

This is a strange one. 3 goals in 173 appearances. Almost as bad as Kinsella. So we have two midfielders who score less than a goal between them every season? Part of me wonders if Kinsella is off somewhere?

And Riley. Although everyone’s going to say he’s a right back now we are overstocked at centre mid as well

Feels like Flynn is just signing players for the heck of it now rather than actually getting a keeper and striker which is all we really desperately need

This is Flynn’s way, I don’t think it will be pretty and I doubt there will be a massive amount of flair but who cares if it’s winning football. We will be hard to break down and physically and mentally much tougher.

I think it looks like an astute signing, good age, proven international pedigree, experience of getting our of this league.


Just looked at Dagenham’s record after he joined them last season and they certainly had a very strong finish through March, April and May, letting in few goals.


I need a signing that changes my current thought processes.Even the most hardened supporter can see that this doesn’t scream come and buy a season ticket.All the best to the lad though let’s see what else we have in store before I say too much.


Maybe Earing will play further forward this year?


Riley Earing


Many of us couldn’t understand why Earing was playing so deep last season so it’s a distinct possibility that Flynn has now addressed that with this signing,here comes our new favourite phrase “time will tell”

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Much better when he did last season.

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Offloaded to Dagenham on a free transfer in January and now he’s with us. Transfer activity this season seems to be EVEN poorer than previous years although I actually didn’t thank be possible

How the hell is this Team going to score a goal.

Sure, but hadn’t we already done that? Just how many defensive mids do we need to allow Earing to play further up. That is now Kinsella/Perry/Riley/Comley and at some point Joss Labadie.

I have no idea about this blokes quality, but this “squad building” looks stranger with each signing.