Brandon Comley signs

Who’s saying this?

A Colchester fan. Because Colchester cast offs will do a job for “us lot” now apparently.

Played plenty of games at this level, but its another one in the uninspiring column isnt it?

Looks like he dropped down to play at Dagenham to play some football after not even being registered as a squad member for Bolton in league one.


Could be a good signing, but our failure to bring in attacking players is causing the fans to get frustrated.


I’m very sceptical about all of this. Signings apart from Riley I think are poor. We have basically been bought by a company that manages very rich Americans portfolios who simply want to make more money for themselves although Polk (chief Puppet Master) set up the ‘Red herring’ Trivela to do this. Where is the additional Investment!!!

Maybe we will play with 3 centre halves 2 holding mids and the wing backs pushed right up with Earing to do the creating for the two strikers.Flynn obviously has some idea of what he’s after with these signings I have to admit though it’s slightly a strange one.

Rather be signing these “solid” dependable types than flakey players like Os

Dickie Dosh got us out this league with graft. Full backs playing as wingers at times

Being hard to beat and having someone who can put the ball in the net 20+ times will put us in the mix. That’s all we want


5 at the back and 2 defensive mids is very very negative

England do it because individually we are poor and if we rely on them alone we’ll get turned over. Look at Hungary. We play Rice and Phillips. Pickford Maguire and Stones. They’re like a pair of sensible shoes. Individually only Rice is going to get near world class. As a unit they deliver us to the final stages of the tournament

Let’s go with sensible for WFC

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I wouldn’t mind some of these signings if we had some decent forwards in the team. With the way the team is currently shaping up, it puts a lot of pressure on our wing backs to be creative as they look like the only forward thinking players in our 11 so far. Maybe he’ll push them forward and these CDMs will act as cover but we aint Liverpool and Flynn aint Klopp.

I’ll reserve judgement until our recruitment is finished and how we perform in the first few games but until then, it’s having to have faith in Flynn.

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So who’s putting the ball in the net 20 times.
Williams scored 5 last year

I agree especially at home I can’t see many getting excited coming to watch us.It seems like Flynn is aiming this team at making us hard to score against therefore the signings made at the other end have to get pulses racing.I must admit I’m very apprehensive at this stage.

I’m struggling to remember the ‘marquee’ signing(s) up front for that title-winning season. Martin Butler & Hector Sam spring to mind. Decent enough but not stratospheric names. Fox at left back, Dann at centre back, Ishy on the wing, with Dobson and Keates in midfield was brutal though, and being hard to beat didn’t mean there weren’t still 4-0 and 5-0 trouncings.

The only cautionary note is how perhaps the landscape of lower league football has changed generally since then.

There appears to be no additional Investment or pushing the boat out whatsoever since the takeover. And I don’t mind saying it as its True!!!

I think that’s a good point.

It’s not negative if it’s more of a 343 - or 3412 - which is what I suspect is afoot.

Flynn likes attacking wing backs, but I think he’s most certainly trying to get a solid spine - without overspending.


Why when we have gone from a competitive to a very competitive budget in your opinion?

Sorry to say this and do no not mean ti be nasty , but my god you are boring the hell out of me now.


Steady incremental progress. I think we will have a bigger squad with more experience - that costs more.

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Me to some good players solid will do a job thats what we need think even if we signed rice from west ham he wouldnt be happy lol we do need a couple more strikers yet though

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Spot the difference -

Gensanx123: ‘Offloaded to Dagenham on a free transfer in January and now he’s with us. Transfer activity this season seems to be EVEN poorer than previous years although I actually didn’t thank be possible. How the hell is this Team going to score a goal.’

Flynn: '“I’ve always liked him, he’s at a good age and has experience of getting promoted out of the league. “He’s played higher, he’s a current international and I’m delighted to get him. “Brandon’s very good technically on the ball and I can’t wait for him to get going.”

One is the manager of a professional football club, one a contributor - someone who spends their time moaning on here.

It’s difficult to work out who to believe. Scratches head! :confused: