Brandon Comley

What a bloke.
My boy has been asking Conor Wilkinson for his shirt at every away game we’ve been too this season. So, we went to Crawley today, in the hope that he got Wilko’s shirt. Alas, it was not to be. My boy was in tears. I consoled his as best I could.
So,.off we went and waited by the coach for the players, same as we do after every away game.

He spoke to Wilko, who to be fair said sorry and signed autographs etc.

As Comley was getting on the coach, George told him that he wanted Wilko’s shirt but didnt get it.

Brandon then asked him ‘do you want a shirt?’

He goes in his bag, pulls out a shirt. He said it was his own, personal shirt he was keeping to add to his collection, but George could have it as he didnt get Wilko’s.

What a brilliant gesture…now I have one happy boy, who’s new favourite player is now Brandon Comley.

Its the small things like this that, despite all the other crap, is the reason i will always love my club!!


Lovely gesture, glad your son is now a happy boy. As you say, it’s the sometimes ‘small’ things that can have a lasting effect.


Just says to me he is only here for the money

Wilcos not a Saddler, nanana :notes: :notes: :notes: :notes:

Fair play, Brandon. :clap:

He has had a very good second half of the season.


Been our best player for me 2nd half of the season (although its not hard) and a top bloke too by the sounds of it


Brandon has been decent the last few months and sorry to say this shown he is technically a much better player than Kinsella


Great stuff from Comley who has had a much better last dozen games.
Just goes to show how a little bit of time and understanding can mean so much to young supporters :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Seems like a really good bloke Brandon does.

He’s always the first one coming over at full time at home games and he high fives all the kids in the family stand.

Whereas there’s muppets like Joe Low who tries to be sarcastic after every game.

Different class.


And Comley will be there next season unlike Wilko.

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Brilliant from Comley, his performances have also been very consistent this year and he is giving 100% to the cause which so many others are not!! I am really pleased George got a shirt.

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Top man! Añd as others have alluded to, I’d also say Comley is by far our most improved player and probably the only one who has improved in the 2nd half while most others have gone backwards.


Agreed can’t think of anyone else who has improved as the season as progressed.
Maybe evans and mcyintee


Class act. Fair play.

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Talking of player engagement with fans - participating young fans, has anyone seen that Leeds United video being shared on social? It’s disgusting! :rage:

I saw it. Poor kid, the security guard (I think it was) Stood in front of him in the end to even block his view. Let alone not one of them even glanced that way.

There was a similar thing a while back although not quite as bad at Arsenal. Young little girl was mascot. The players signed her shirt but not one of them spoke to her or even made eye contact with her.


Just watched the two videos. Bunch of wankers. I bet that young girl’s old fella paid a tidy few quid for her to be ignored by those tossers.

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Fair play to Comley
Thought he was a really poor player early season and he was but he has improved a lot both as a player and as a walsall fc figurehead
Said a couple of months ago I had improved my respect for him when he was the only player to come over to the fans after another loss and apologise to us
Proving to be a top man Aswell as an ok player
Well done Comley!


From what I read it is free, quite a few Premier League teams do it for free. I guess it makes little difference when they make millions out of Sky. Villa charges the most at £500.

Not the point at all though. It is a very special day for a kid. I remember being mascot at Walsall, still a treasured memory for me. I’d have been horrified if the players had ignored me like that.

I took our George to the training day at Walsall recently, he absolutely loved it when the players came over at the end for signatures and gave out easter eggs, all engaged very well. It does make a big difference to the kids.


Excellent gesture by Comley made a lad very happy and possibly secured his support for the club for ever.

I’ve got all the time in the world for footballers who go over to the fans spot a young supporter and give them their shirt.Such a small gesture sticks with that young supporter through their whole life.