Brendan Kiernan - Article BBC Sport

Really interesting read, comes across as a top bloke.


Yeah he really does. I was ignorant of his “Call BK” trademark, thinking that it was just another lower league footballer attempting to kick off a probably more lucrative career as
a instafamous/influencer, but it turns out it’s a genuinely heartfelt cause and one of the least spoken about issues out there.

I do hope he picks up his levels though. I was wary that we signed a bit part player from Harrogate and after a strongish start he is starting to look distinctly of that class.

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Talk about turning a positive into a negative :man_facepalming::rofl:


What is? I admire him as a human being, but I also pay money to watch him play football. It would be great if he succeeded at both.

Well done Brendan. Fantastic work for a really important cause. Young people have never had so many expectations placed on young shoulders as they have in these recent years, and especially so having had 2 years of disruption where academies and youth football will have been pared right back.

I’m glad this has been picked up by national press, and I’m proud to have him donning a Walsall jersey. Keep up the good work Brendan!


Yes, that is a heartening story. Well done Brendan and keep up the good work.

Actually, he has been OK for us and would be my first choice on the wing. It’s easy to like players you think are good guys.

If he is training to be a counsellor, perhaps he could help his captain stop getting booked in every game…


Seems a top guy, and one of our more unsung players this season, his work rate and team ethic is usually excellent.


That can’t be denied, he does work hard, but his output has dropped off. If you’re not threatening the opposition as a winger you’re not doing the main part of your job. He hasn’t for some time.

A really good article.I think he is doing a constructive thing .I also think he is a decent signing too…he is good enough for this division and although like all players he has form dips he will do ok for us.


Top man. Met him at the open training session and he seemed a nice bloke.

Think he has been decent on the pitch too. Had the odd game where he hasn’t been too involved but that can be said about many a winger.


Good article - deserves a lot of publicity

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It’s a good, worthy cause making young men feel better about themselves after being rejected.
He’s a decent player and a better human being.

Great guy! Somethings are more important than football and if Brendan gives hope to those who have there dreams crushed and can help saves lives through football even better. Much love for this

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Excellent cause and subject to be helping out with Brendan your a credit to the whole football club including the fans :+1:t2:

He seems like a really nice and genuine guy. I’d love him to push on and succeed here.


Well done Brendan.

This should not be about him as a footballer but him as a person.


I don’t think anybody is denying he has honourable traits as a human being.

Well done Brendan, a great thing to do.
As this article was about providing a positive message to players that are released, it is a shame about the language used by the writer of the article - ‘He was dealt another blow, however, when aged 20, he was back on the scrapheap after being released by the Dons’.
‘Back on the scrapheap’ is a very negative way of putting things when Brendan is trying to get players to realise their life isn’t over just because they are released from a club.


What a great article and he really does come across as a top bloke. It’s actually inspired me and I might look into training to be a counsellor too.