Brentford vs Swansea City - Sat 29th May - 3pm - Championship Play-Off Final

A special one-off match thread for the Championship Play-Off Final as promotion for Brentford would see The Saddlers receive a decent amount of money, rumoured to be somewhere approaching the £1 Million Pound mark.

Rico Henry made his comeback from injury in the first leg of their Play-Off Semi-Final against Bournemouth, but didn’t make the bench for the second leg yesterday after a minor setback. Hopefully he will be available in the Final as he’s one of their better players and it provides a better chance of them being successful.

Who will be watching in anticipation?


I’ll be watching hopefully 3-0 Brentford Rico Henry treble, I actually fancy them to win they deserve after last year, plus they are a club going about there business the right way, I can only dream of Walsall taking on there philosophy. UP THE BEE’S.


Has they’re been a single match potentially so lucrative for Walsall? I’m not sure the 2001 play-off win would have been worth so much back then, or that the Wembley final meant that much money. The match I think might contest it would be the last one of the 15/16 season proper.

It wasn’t dependent on the result or anything, but Ricketts appearance for England made us a fair bit of wedge. Was it 800k or something like that?


Hope Brentford win if only for the windfall to WFC. Won’t be watching as I refuse to subsidise the League of Greed™.

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I imagine that The Bonser’s and The Pomletts’s will be taking a keen interest.

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After watching all the play off matches, i think Brentford are my favourites to win :wink:

There fixed that for ya.

Uncle Roy will be fevering away in the background, figuring away how to make the transfer of funds acceptable to the Inland Revenue, and those pesky fans who will be asking how the funds have miraculously disappeared.

Don’t think Rico will ever get a multi million pound transfer, his constant ‘injury’ history would put off potential interested parties.

Roy? who is that?

Oh, I dunno? I think someone will take a punt. Look at Andy Carroll. Spends more time on the treatment table than on the park but he still gets bought every other season.

Remember when Grigg went there in I think 2013 and most people thought it was just a sideways step. Ironically Grigg wasn’t good enough for what they wanted but Sawyers and Rico certainly have been and established them in championship.

This promotion has been coming for not far off a decade, they made the championship play offs for first time in 14/15 and been largely top half since. If they make the prem I can see them staying up with the new stadium and being London based, ultimate lower leg thinking outside the box club given all their use of stats for player signings.

Swansea aswell sort of did this about a decade ago before losing their way, I can remember them being one game from dropping into non league 20 years ago.

So it can be done but you need vision and loads of really good managerial appointments in a row e.g two more managers here of DS ability after he left to keep up the momentum.

Hopefully this new managerial team will click and will be a start of slow rise up the pyramid again.

Just remembered Watford were in fa cup final in 2019. I wonder if there was anything in Deeney transfer other than the oft mentioned sell on clause that xxx amount would come in if they ever won a trophy.

Doubt it would be potential amount of what club could be getting if Brentford go up though.

I doubt very much indeed that a retired schoolteacher and secretary has the marbles for that. He probably tutted despairingly at the plot line for Breaking Bad.

Don’t believe every white lie the ‘club’ feed us plebs, uncle Roy is very astute and is Bonser’s inside man, he has far more ‘accountancy’ knowledge than your average ‘ex schoolteacher’.
Should have been excluded from the Board when our saviour jumped ship, to wallow in the proceeds of the Italian job…no mini’s (just a football club) were hurt in the making of that fortune.

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Proof please. DM if necessary so I can add to my unofficial history…

Is this going to be released sometime?

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Well it is upon us tomorrow, must admit i will be willing Brentford on so that we get a couple of grand paid into the pot :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rico Henry is out with a hamstring problem.

We aint never going to get anything for him at this rate :roll_eyes:

So here we are, the most important day in the recent history of our club , this could define the club’s path moving forward .
If Brentford win :crossed_fingers: I’m happier that LP will be in control of any windfall (I think).