Brian Dutton

This bloke is currently the Walsall manager believe it or not.

I remember in a few of the critical DC threads people have mentioned him as having little playing career and just following DC around clubs. It genuinely shocked me to look him up now and see he’s only 35, honestly thought he was some John Ward experienced type!

Anyone got a clue what sort of football style he favours as sometimes number 2s can have a different view on how it should be played but have to stick to the script of what the head coach wants. Bit concerning the attacking play was looking promising and the declined again this season which may or may not be connected to Marcus Stewart leaving end of last season.

Guess he’s just a filler but concerns me he’ll just up sticks for Vale as soon as the season is over and also good point made that him and DC share a flat in Kenilworth don’t they so a bit of conflict of interest now? I assume the club will politely tell DC to move out given it’s not a perk of the job anymore.

I think if he was going to Port Vale he would have gone with DC.He has 20 games to prove himself. What an opportunity…if he doesn’t perform he leaves then.

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Agree. This is a good opportunity to prove himself. I hope he does well. If not, he’ll be part of the huge churn of football personnel come summertime.

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And e dow cost us anuther penny :smile:


Fair to say that by appointing Dutton until the end of the season is evidence, if any were needed, that we have given up on the play-offs.


Cheap as chips though…

Would assume he has a 3 year deal with the club as DC did . As I said on another thread not my ideal appointment given he has always worked for DC . But a great opportunity for him and we should all support him in a role that is difficult and unfamiliar to him.

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Best of luck, Don Tutbrain.


Probably the cheapest manager in the Football League and National Conference!

Makes me laugh when I read links to Danny Cowley and Dean Holden Et Al. Do people realised what their salary expectations would be? Totally unattainable for us.


Probably the same situation when Keates left us and Andy Davies hung around until the end of the season before leaving to join Keates back at Wrexham.

All depends on the new appointment and whether the new manager wants to bring in his own staff.

…and they’ve got to want to come here!

Dutton was one of Clarke’s senior pros when DC took over at Salisbury City.

This from Dutton’s wiki seems unsurprisingly familiar…re-joined Salisbury City under their new manager, Darrell Clarke. He became a utility player for the club, playing in a variety of places all over the pitch…

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Good luck to him. I like that he’s 35 rather than 55.
Promoting from within can go either way.
Hope he turns out a Smith not a Mullen


I hope he turns out a Robson or Ferguson :joy: :wink:

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Imagine the scenes if dutton gets us promoted and gets the job full time I’d pay to see the smirk wiped of clarkes face


How embarrassing that would be and the press would be all over that :joy:

Even better DC can not get the vale players to GEL with him and they go on a disastrous run and get relegated .

We can dream :rofl:

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Well he can start by being his own man,it’ll be interesting to see if he plays it safe and plays a team and formation that Clarke would be proud of tonight,or if he ditches everything and makes a statement (verbally & on the pitch) that he will do it his way and give us a clue about his thoughts on Clarke’s methods.

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I’m not particularly happy about it, but he’s got the chance, we will see pretty sharpish if he’s got the minerals. He’s a different sort of character to Clarke (apparently), appears to be much calmer anyway. For him personally he has nothing to lose so he might make some big changes.

I’m a big fan of giving young coaches an opportunity , and anyway, the list of available candidates currently appears to be quite grim.