Bristol Rovers (A) 6th Oct, 3pm


??? He seems to have seen a different game to even the home fans. Did he go to the right ground?


I think the match stats say it all :wink:


Don’t like the position Gordan is in and the look on Morris’s face , and Cook holding his bloody head that way and staring in his eye’s , oh dear i know it’s a win but steady on :unamused:


Completely agree cook was excellent today.


Nice to notch another clean sheet.


Great last minute winner by Marmite who smashed the ball past E.U.Junckers despite his despairing attempt at the last minute to try to sell the entire output of the German automotive industry to his 360 million supporters behind the goal. Never mind, perhaps he’ll have better luck finding a new team who have a spare £41.7 billion to spend on his delusions.


More results like today’s, then leave them to it!


We won. Get over it.


Indeed, we have already witnessed denial and anger. What next eh?


Practice what you preach :love_you_gesture:


That celebration ànd more (Sky)


Don’t you just love a last minute winner?



Just seen Leahy’s disallowed goal on iFollow,couldn’t see anything wrong with it.


Oh well 1-0 2-0 we still got 3 points :smiley: justice was done in the end, but a decision like that could cost us in another game.



How very dare you misappropriate my exquisitely crafted Brizzle analogy, with some noisy wrong-end-of-the-stick nonsense. :nerd_face:

Say 9 hail Junkers, make a flying visit to Tallin’s shiny new BMW showrooms and burn a 50 Euro note (the big green one) to save your poisoned soul.



A great last minute win and another short thread. Does anyone actually enjoy talking about wins these days?


Are the away threads usually shorter? I don’t know. But it does seem a loss or draw brings plenty more moaners out on here. If we had drew that yesterday then there’d be more action I reckon.


Less fans there so less to talk about perhaps? I’m just delighted with the 3 points.


Talking on commentary about fine lines . … if their shot had gone in rather than hit the post there would have been a very different reaction on here. Most of our games seem to have been tight affairs.


We won 4 away games last season and we’ve already matched that this season after 6 games.