Independent saddlers supporters association

Right guys. We are constantly asked. To re produce the iconic. Buckley shirt as everyone refers to it

So we are going to do. It as a pre order. Item only

A true replica of what I consider to be one of the best ever shirts. Worn by the saddlers. ( mainly because. Of if the guy who wore the ten shirt. )

The shirt will come with number ten on the back

Please. Let me know in comments box if interested

This Shirt is a nod back. To the clubs greatedt ever goal scorer and to a time in our history that many consider to be the best ever


In will register an interest please.

Me too

I’ll have two. one for me and one for my son

Thanks guys Just. Finalising. Pricing. And I’ll get back to everyone.

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Yes I would be interested

Requested one on the FB page

Count me in.

I,m in mate.

Yes please Olly, will it still have the Addidas emblem on it though?
Hard to believe we had Addidas as a shirt sponsor all those years ago and now Errea, we always seem to be continually down grading … :person_facepalming: :joy:

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Yes please.

I’d be interested once I know pricing please.

Will it have the addidas logo?

Interested :ok_hand:

Ooh i don’t know. We had Beaver for a few seasons. Never seen or heard from them again

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Definitely, would they arrive before xmas?

It’s a yes from me :+1:

Interested, depending on the price.


Same :slight_smile:

What is the fit like mate?

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