Bury FC

What’s our fans thoughts on the £1,000,000 gov.grant to save Bury FC?
Divided views personally, as I’m pleased for their fans, but it was badly run in first place, and owners signed players they couldn’t afford. Basically living beyond their means.
Where’s that leave clubs who keep to the rules and stay solvent?

Is that a grant or a loan? If it’s a grant then it should to everyone, not just one crappily-run club.


Think what we could do with a million quid?

Oh, hang on… :thinking:

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What sort of message does that send to all the other cheating clubs in the league? pathetic


It’s a grant. It follows an application for support from fan’s group.

I guess you need to actually outline what the grant is going to be used for specifically rather than just “giz us some money”.

Probably another reason where we’d fall down in any application!!

Given Bury is a marginal seat, bribe is more appropriate. :thinking:


Up a gum tree

That’s probably where our club will end up, with no reserve!!

Merry Christmas by the way I’m guessing Santa has been in your chimney already?

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Good luck to them, I’m assuming it’s just ordinary fans getting together to try and rebuild their team from the ashes. I’m sure we would be going down the same route if it had happened to us . Let’s hope they have learned their lesson if someone comes in and offers to take over the club,

I laid a man trap for the old fat pervert.

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it’s a tough one deciding about this sort of thing. The average Bury fan is very much like the average saddler I would think. Years of failure with the occasional blip of success, and whereas they were let down & dumped in it from high, we are still keeping our heads above water, They all could have vacated Gigg Lane and headed to Old Trafford but they haven’t. I haven’t read about the offer properly but I would be much rather be travelling along the M62 and then turning right rather than left to the likes of.Salford


Great fan base. Lovely people, used to be a fan oriented club until some tossers took them over. Ramsden anyone casting stones?

No doubt that red wall money prevailed.

Pay 2 years’ worth of rent, of course! :woozy_face:

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Just a bribe in advance using tax payer’s money to the 2 of the top 3 least safe Tory seats in the country ( Bury North & Bury South ). Bunch of crooks



I’ve never been a fan of clubs who don’t play by the rules, it not fair to the clubs (like ours) who do abide by them.
The Premier league should be the standard that all lower league clubs need to attain. Unfortunately, they don’t set a very good example as most of them operate in the red.
To me, the punishments are not severe enough for financial irregularities. Now it’s a slap on the wrist and a few points deducted and maybe an embargo placed on the club. Sorry, that’s not enough of a deterrent to prevent a club from offending again.
Forgive me if this seems harsh, but how about an automatic relegation if a club is caught cheating, that would nip all this nonsense in the bud. Clubs probably wouldn’t consider cheating if the punishment was severe enough.
Will that happen? Not in my lifetime, the authorities don’t have the courage to implement such a policy.


Look how many of these elite clubs have operated over the years by over spending and being in the red and continued to buy players at ridiculous amounts of money and still be able to operate .
Just wished we could push the boat out on occasions to show a little more ambition


Any ambition at all really would be an improvement, not to mention a shock!

Give it a few years and Bury will be back above us in the league and probably drawing in bigger crowds too. There are already seven clubs in the confrence with bigger average crowds than us.

Really starting to think I’d rather see us crash and burn after spunking a load of money up the wall rather than continue this drawn out death by a thousand ‘well-run club’ cuts.