Buy something Walsall FC. Please

Right. If you contribute or read these pages you get some utility from Walsall FC. If you merely look out for the scores or you attend every game you get some utility from Walsall FC. Walsall FC adds something to your life and therefore has a value.

The cancellation of games (which if using the head rather than heart is absolutely the right thing to do) will hurt the club. The club you get some value from. In fact it could de-rail the club from shelving any notion of reuniting the club with its freehold through to threatening its very existence.

So if you’re wavering over the early bird. Buy it. If you have received years of utility without spending a penny order something from the shop, book a business meeting at the ground or buy a ticket for a game even if that game is now in doubt.

Cash flow is vital, no essential, to a club like ours. It needs a bit of help right now. Please give it a hand.


Not wanting to reopen an old debate, but this situation really will define who is a supporter of WFC and who is just a follower.


Will be getting my season ticket at the end of the month. I hope those who are unsure but can afford it do it, this is when our club needs your money more than most.


Yeah same for our group. Three renewals in the next week coming up.


Got mine and the boys on Tuesday. :+1:

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Will be doing my best to renew but if I sense I’m going to have trouble collecting on my invoices then I’m afraid I wont be renewing.

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Never a better time for the rent to be waived.


You would have to think an awful lot of your tenant to do that.


I would love to buy merchandise from the shop. Unfortunately, they seem unable to send any items overseas.

I try to buy stuff in August when I’m in the UK. Usually the new shirts are already sold out. New stock in September.

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Already got 2 season tickets

Need a big pile on in the shop etc

They’re looking into this because it shouldn’t be a problem they said at the last WPM

They’ve been looking at it for years.

Been today to do our tickets, like a ghost town spent 70 quid in the shop, girls told me what ever was happening there today was cancelled too.


Well despite me saying I’m not going to renew I have decided to. So will be sorting it next week. That’ll be 2 more to add to the sales.


Can somebody but the remaining spaces on Robs bloody card which is kind of Walsall related.


The last time my dad went to the ground which was this week to ask if we could change our tickets because we wanted to stand for 15 quid but got sent tickets to sit for 22 quid instead he said the shop was shut but was at that time suppose to be open. Me and the Mrs went to buy my dad a T-shirt the other month and the lady behind the counter said it had been very quiet and as we left she followed us locking the door behind her then disappeared into the ground through the doors to the left of the ticket office what I call the officials doors if that makes sense.Is this common practice? Do the club know this is happening? Because how can we sell products if the shops shut when it’s suppose to be open.

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Yes! Got 5 left. Haven’t had time to canvass recently!

Sooner that’s done with the better!

The same thing happened to me before. I had to go to the office to get someone to open it. The club might sell more if they had a shop in the town again as people just passing may go in and buy something. Also I wish the club would stock a range of women’s items. The men’s stuff just doesn’t fit us right. I know Wolves have a bigger fan base but their range of women’s clothes is great.

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If a stand alone shop in the town can’t pay its way (which is presumably why there isn’t one), maybe a concession in one the larger stores such as Debenhams would work.

Swansea City have on in Debs here.

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Yes Cats, and with the amount of shops empty in Walsall surely never a better time to drive for a peppercorn rent or even rent free deal just to fill a shop.
It would also give the club a tangible link with the town it represents with endless opportunities to advertise itself via the shop window to many people who upon looking may, just may, decide to go to a game and even become a new supporter.
I thought the last shop we had in the Arcade was excellent, always seemed busy with people in there, and was very rare that i walked past without going in and buying something.
Unless of course there were reasons unbeknown to me i thought the decision to close/move out of that shop and sever it`s link with the town was very shortsighted.