Cadge a Lift - Stockport County - 1st Oct 22

Given the train strikes putting some people’s plans to get to the game down the proverbial shitter, if any Saddlers have spaces in their vehicles to get another Saddler to the game - speak up here!

Merci beaucoup.

Nice 1 Rob :slight_smile:

Anyone happy to detour via Wigan let me know UTS

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ISSA had 2 spaces on there coach earlier.

Sorry mate. I’m not doing very well for you given I’m just down the road. But I’m not going on Saturday. Good luck.


Cheers fella, I know you’d do a detour if you were going. Been scouring the Transport for Greater Manchester journey planner (which is crap) for bus alternatives but basically it would be 3 plus hours each way, which considering it is about 30 miles and both Wigan and Stockport are in Greater Manchester is a sad indictment of the pathetic state of public transport in this country. Already had to miss a few I’d have gone to due to train strikes but this is the 1st one I’ve actually bought a ticket for! :roll_eyes: Don’t suppose you and George fancy coming up here tonight and walking it @Blazing_Saddler :grin:

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Busses are useless from experience. We had to get the bus to the Stevenage home game cos the trains were on strike and I didn’t have the car that day.

We got home just before 7.30 PM. If we catch the train we are usually back in the house before 6 and it is a much further walk back from the train station to our house in Cannock than it is from the bus station.

I just checked and it is around 9 hours walk from WIgan to Stockport. If you set off at 1 ish, there should be a boozer for you to collapse in by the time you get there!

Sorry I can’t be more help mate, I hope you get something sorted.

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There is a God :grin: (Don’t tell my former employers BT i said that :grin:).

See you all tomorrow. It’s the Walsall way :grin::+1:

Glad you can get there. If I’d have been going i could have picked you up on the way but not going today for one reason or another. Let’s hope we can get back to winning ways!

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