Cambridge United (A) - Sat 6th March, 3pm

This Saturday brings up 364 days of not watching Walsall FC live :flushed:

After our FIRST CLEAN SHEET in 21 GAMES(!!) we head to The Abbey Stadium this weekend to face Cambridge United who are currently 2nd in League Two and chasing automatic promotion.

The U’s have 55 points from 33 games so far this season and are on course for a good season if things continue the way they have been for them.

Paul Mullin is their main threat, with the striker having bagged 22 goals in 33 games giving him a ratio of 0.71 goals per 90 minutes which also sees him top the League Two goalscoring charts as it stands. Joe Ironside is the other Cambridge player to feature in the Top 10 of that chart (with 11 goals from 31 matches), so safe to say they will need to be watched closely.

On top of those hot-shots, the evergreen Wes Hoolahan is there and seems to be doing very well. If only we could sign players of that quality…wait, isn’t that what Danny Guthrie was supposed to be?

Moving on, The U’s last six games have yielded just 7 points from 15 which is a bit of a blip from them, one of their two wins occuring against I only get out of bed to win Darrell Clarke’s Port Fail :smiley: :smiley:

Their results in those last six games have been:

9th Feb - Salford City (a) - Lost 4-1
13th Feb - Southend United (h) - Drew 0-0
20th Feb - Mansfield Town (a) - Won 3-0
23rd Feb - Cheltenham Town (h) - Lost 1-0
27th Feb - Port Vale (a) - Won 1-0
2nd Mar - Scunthorpe United (h) - Lost 1-0

As for Walsall, after being treated to yet more formations and random starters against Exeter on Tuesday night, only Brian Dutton (and possibly God) knows what we are going to see as our starting XI on Saturday. I wonder if any of you can get it spot on?

“Definitely not one you’d want to pay money for if you want to see free-flowing attacking football, but if you want to pay your £10 on iFollow to see real men going out on the pitch and rolling their sleeves up and giving everything for the badge - we had that in abundance. Brian Dutton following Tuesday night. I for one am extremely glad I’m working Saturday afternoon so I won’t have to pay my £10 for a change. I also found this a Jon Whitney-esque quote. Odd.

Finally, any links between the squads let us know, off the top of my head in recent times some players that have played for both clubs include Martin Butler, Jabo Ibehre, and Trevor Benjamin.

For anybody that watched on Tuesday, are you going to be watching again or are you not bothering? Discuss.

Cambridge Utd vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Cambridge Utd Win
  • Goalless Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Walsall Win

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I am much more optimistic after Tuesday…that hard earned point will be the start of something good(well I can dream) but I notice that Cambridge are struggling at home and we all know runs like that in empty stadiums are not easy to break so I will go for a 1-0 win .The scorer…obviously an OG.

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I just hope we can play a little keepy uppy for a bit of entertainment

Like your optimism mate but seem to remember them coming to bescot when we were playing much better and winning 2-0 I think without breaking a sweat.Again I think a goalless draw is the best we can hope for in this dire league.

Bobby Shinton is the obvious one who played for both.


Didn’t he go to sea and have silver buckles? :grin: :wink:

Just remembered that David Preece did too.

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Craig Westcarr, Emmanuel Osabede!!!

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To think, the level of grief he got. :roll_eyes:


Roy McDonough second game running.

What odds on Walsall nill?

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After he shaftoe’d us…

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Expecting as dour a game as Tuesday. Dutton will be hoping for the draw.

Score draw. Cambridge gifted a goal or two with Dan scarr’s commanding aerial prowess not enough to save us.

However our aimless balls down the wing fall to Wes who has a blinder and tyreik who both cross in peaches for two lavery bicycle kicks in the last minutes of the game.

…which is as likely as one of us picking the correct team.

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Think I’m gonna give this game a miss after watching last game, hoping for a win but in order to win you have to score goals and in order to score you need to have shots on target which is something we have lacked these 5 games dutton has been in charge, think it is a total of 7 shots on target in those 5 games, or is it 7 shots in total definitely? Either way it is terrible to watch.definitely not worth the £10, feel we will lose 2-0 again, may awsell copy and paste all the Exeter and Bradford threads as I can see the game being the same… BORING, fair play to anyone paying to watch it I salute you

Joe Mayo and Jason Lillis

Your assuming that Dutton’s random player selection will select Scarr as a defender. He maybe better utilised as a centre-forward with all the aimless high balls we launch forward.

Didn’t dutton say in his interview that we don’t have the firepower at the minute to score goals

Which begs the questions, why aren’t we shooting more and why haven’t we improved on our set pieces to compensate?