Cameron Norman

Reports that we are about to sign Cameron Norman, a right back from Oxford United.
Has played 12 times for them this season since signing from non-league


Cameron Normal?

Sounds an absolute plonker. Get rid!!!

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Well we made an offer for Danilo but his missus noticed that Marks and Spencers had closed in Walsall so she didn’t want to come.

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Sounds Scottish. We’ve already got one of those at right back.
It’s a conspiracy- get rid!!!

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It sounds like the murderer in a Columbo episode…

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This surely a joke!! An inexperienced right back who has played 1 league game for one of the teams below us in the table!! We have more players than almost anyone in the League but we lack quality. Looks like we will be having a massive clear out in the Summer as no one wants any of our surplus players now. JW is largely to blame but Dean if you are going to sign anybody please try and add some quality.

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Quality costs, and we shop at the equivalent of food banks!
Does reek of desperation though, thought more of Deano, but is HE the one picking up the cheapo bargains?

I agree, feel sorry for the lad if it is true but it smacks of desperation, a signing just for the sake of it. We need together in players that are a higher calibre than what we already have, not someone who struggles to hold down a place in the side of one of our relegation rivals.

1 league game? He’s played 7 league games. 5 in the cups.

Can’t claim to know anything about him, which means I’m willing to give him a chance.

Considering he’s second choice at a team below us in the league though, it doesn’t exactly get me dancing in the street with excitement.

12 games. Don’t read Wikipedia for player appearances. Soccerbase is better.

Well if it is 7 thats makes him really experienced doesn’'t it? He may have something but is he what we want at the minute? If Devlin stays fit he will just be another player to pay for little or no return.

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Que? We had until yesterday one left back, one right back and two centre halves? In the whole senior squad?

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Thanks …I had forgotten about Soccerbase.

I agree, just highlighting he’s played more than 1 :slight_smile:

There is a whole list of players who are some way away from the team but who are on our payroll…Cockerill-Mollet,Vann,Sangha,Peters, Hayles-Docherty for example.I feel sorry for these lads…most are out on loan with clubs way down the pyramid and should have been told that they weren’t going to make it at League level . To them you can add Parker and Candlin who are not yet ready for league football.28 players in all!!!

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Oh so we are including youth teamers, most of which are out on loan too, in this? Makes sense.

No these players are now nearly 2 years out of youth team football. Most were given 2 year deals by JW at the end of the 2017 season.

Questioning his attitude, possible falling out with manager. Showed initial promise but a bit raw.